Bauchi Governor Caught In A Lie At The BBC

Bauchi Female lawmaker berates Governor Abubakar over Paris Club Funds

Information available to obtained from sources in Bauchi State indicate that the Governor of Bauchi State, Barrister Abubakar of the All Progressive Congress [APC] may have begun building sand castles in Bauchi State in an effort to illegitimately win the political class over.

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According to available information, the Governor, in his latest effort to brush up his battered image in the media, made appearance at the BBC [Hausa Version] to tout the good works of his administration to the listening Hausa audience. In the process of the interview, he boastfully told the interviewer that Bauchi State may should become an oil producing State. He went to add that he has signed a Memorandum Of Understanding [MOU] with a Russian Oil Exploration company – Gazprom.

Upon inquiry, it was gathered that the Governor told a lie. The administrative authorities in the State who spoke with indicated that the State had not signed an MOU with the same company or with any other oil exploration company. One of the sources explained that if the Governor would sign an MOU, they ‘would know’.

Investigation shows that there is already an existing MoU between NNDC (representing the 19 Northern states) and a few select oil companies, for the exploration of oil in Northern Nigeria, but Bauchi Governor went ahead and signed his purported MoU unilaterally. was authoritatively informed that the lawyer whom the governor called to represent Bauchi State in the agreement, turned the offer down – stating he cannot participate in such illegality.

A source who spoke on condition of anonymity challenged the governor to publish the purported MoU so that he can show the good people of Bauchi state the signatures of the Representatives of Gazprom and those of Bauchi state government vividly on the MoU.

Gazprom themselves, refused to sign the MoU. But the Governor went on to broadcast his purported MoU.

Gazprom is presently in the Niger Delta region. They arrived Nigeria during the late Yar’Adua administration in 2009.





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