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Dear Judges:


Accept this concise letter in lieu of a more formal petition in support of the Appellant Abulkhair’s Petition for Rehearing to revisit your unprecedented “historical” wrong ruling that completely in an obvious deviation of the Rule of Law and the Rules of Court for which the outcome is obviously well known to the undersigned.


However, affirming and authorizing [t]he corrupt and abusive U.S. Government’s misconduct [t]o immorally and unlawfully [v]iolating [t]he “law of the land” –––– [spying] by tampering, intercepting, opening, scanning and delaying its (Moslem) citizens’ incoming and outgoing mail, is considered an unprecedented arbitrary ruling that shaped the entire landscape of all the tribunals and exceeded all of the boundaries of the judicial systems everywhere with no limit on how far the strayed American Judiciary may go [.]  This unprecedented and disgraceful decision permitted the corrupt Court to legislate it[s] “own” [new] “law” from the bench, where the [“Congress”], the legislative body itself [,] did [not] even [d]are to go there to approve such an unlawful and unconstitutional law in order to appease the “[ARBUGY]”, bully cowboy, former president, who sought to legalize such an outlaw action and intervention to invade Moslem citizens’ “protected” privacy under the law of [a] decent government, not the United States Government.


To make a mockery of itself and the entire American Judicial System, the Court footnotedin its first “OPINION” page –––– “*This disposition is [not] an opinion of the full Court and pursuant to I.O.P. 5.7 does [not] constitute binding precedent.” Id.  [T]he deviated, strayed and ignorant Court is actually saying boldly to the public that its “frivolous” opinion was (only) designed and created for this particular “Moslem” [litigant] and cannot be relied upon by any future appellant or appellee for their argument.  [T]his is [an] outrageous and shameful [low] assertion that can be emerged from (“the court of law”) which strayed into prohibited terrain.


Although the Court asserted in its useless and rambling opinion relied on the lower Court that “Abulkhair’s mail amount only to the sort of ‘naked assertion[s]'” [op. 4], [t]he deceptive Court intend[ed] to make its last sentence to [be] the denial of “Appellant’s motion to supplement the record” [op. 4], for which denial contradict[ed] their “naked assertion[s]”.  In doing so, [t]he demon Court is fooling itself since there is [no] supplemental record involved to begin with.  As a matter of fact, the single document the ignorant Court refused to accept and/or permit for which attached hereto anyway, represents the government’s denial of the (FTCA) “administrative claim” [,] which was the basis venue of having the District Court’s jurisdiction over the matter in the first place.   [E]xcept for the lack of knowledge of the corrupt Judges about their law and the rules of court, [t]he Court [is] obligate[d] to accept it [,] and also call for [t]he necessity of present[ing] that denial [t]o examine and to review [i]t in order to adequate[ly] determine whether [t]he appeal has [a] “substantial question presented” –––– where the [absent] denial would have had shed light on the fundamental meritorious argument questioning the statute of limitations that surrounded the government’s denial from all angles.  [I]t would have enable[d] it to provide an adequate review and ruling based on the Rule of Law and more importantly though, in the interest of justice, not just [a] slogan used by [t]hose corrupt Judges and Justices in America.  At this juncture [,] the Court miserably failed bilaterally in this regard [.]


Ironically, in denying the reality we live in, the corrupt Judges relied on the district transcripted “opinion” describing the undeniable facts of their government’s criminal misconduct as “naked assertion[s] devoid of further factual enhancement” in order to justify their rubber stamp decision that in no way can challenge their corrupted, strayed, abusive and oppressive government [.]  Ignoring the fact that “naked assertion[s]” can (only) be found where the litigant can[not] prove his allegations, and does [not] have the proper evidence and proof to prove his claims.  Since neither element apply to Abulkhair’s claims against [t]he corrupt U.S. Government [nor] existed in the within matter, the affirmative decision [is] baseless at best.  [I]t remain[s] all about the will of [INJUSTICE] and the pleasure of imposing [t]he demon [OPPRESSION], and more importantly though, inflicting the unbearable [DENIAL] of justice from those who molded with [t]heir nature hatred and sickness live among us.  Nothing More –––– and Nothing Less [.]


Overall, in the absence of the corrupt U.S. Government’s denial to Abulkhair’s “true” factual contentions addressed clearly within his Complaint, in no matter how inadequately or unprofessionally stated, the corrupt Judges’ Opinion under review remained “frivolous” at best –––– that must [not] stand [i]n the eye of [t]he genuine Rule of Law [,] which does [not] exist in the immoral and outlaw United States of America, which governed by its [hypocritical] “democracy” [.]  If, in fact, the corrupt ignorant Judges were correct in their delusion and “assertion” regarding their “naked assertion[s]”, which of course were not, that means that the (fled) CIA defected agent’s revealing U.S. Government’s misconduct allegations to the world were also similar “naked assertion[s]”.  The U. S. Government’s extradition request then [is] unfounded and has [no] merit in the (real) court of law.


On the other hand, the Court turned [a] blind eye on the [false] “Certification of Service” filed by the government’s attorney, and the [willful] modification and/or alteration of blacking-out its evidence thereafter in her relentless effort to cover up or rather conceal her deliberate fraud and misrepresentation upon the Court [,] for which [all] had been done and orchestrate[d] under the watch and supervision of [t]he corrupt “court of law” below and above together with the [government], which failed to teach it[s] “U.S. Attorneys” to uphold the Constitution they have sworn to maintain the integrity and honesty in serving their federal judicial system in order to protect the court and the public’s trust and confidence in their system that easily can [be] undermined and eroded from such  fraudulent misconduct, misleading and misrepresentation [.]


Notwithstanding, the corrupt Court tried to fool or rather deceive itself in its imaginary agreement with the District Court by asserting their unrealistic “naked assertion[s]” to justify their mudded rulings. [I]f they were correct in their blundering assumption, then the U.S. Attorneys would not have to file the surmounted pile of pleadings in motions and oppositions in both District and Circuit squander[ing] value of judiciary resources [t]o challenge the “naked assertion[s]” pleaded by [a] pro se litigant [,] or at least [h]ad granted “one” of [h]is three (3) “applications” requested [a] pro bono counsel [.]  More importantly though, [t]his Court would have grant[ed] the admission of the [uncontested] FTCA’s denial of the administrative claim [i]f this was the case, which is not, [t]he perverters of justice tried desperate[ly] to convey by their immoral demon deception that deserved [a] well-done admonition and [a] lecture for the foundation based [on] the lack of credibility and misrepresentation [t]he entire American Judicial System in general was founded, established and instituted on [.]


Since the corrupt U.S. Government never ceased its invasion of privacy in spy[ing] by intercepting Abulkhair’s incoming and outgoing mail, for which criminal action and immoral misconduct prevented him from receiving his returning “stamped” copies “filed” in this Court in order to prove his filing and “Proof of Service” in his self-stamped envelope that never returned, the (only) method of filing this reconsideration or admonition to guarantee serving to the Court’s Clerk [is] via fax, whether the Court would accept or reject; and regular mail [t]o compel the Court’s review and decision for the history book [.]  The corrupt and useless American Federal Judicial System does [not] deserve the risk of traveling to file and serve to obtain the same useless opinion, even though the fax service is costing more.


[T]he ignorant Court thought that its affirmative ruling may challenge the shameful fact and the government’s heinous crimes against its own people that articulated and illustrated in these dramatic words from the “American” Press:


***      “[O]ver and over again, we see that what’s suspicious to the FBI,

the CIA, the NYPD and the NSA [is] the simple fact of being [a]



Likewise, [t]hese powerful operative simple words from your own press, which demonstrated the undeniable fact the corrupt federal judges unsuccessfully tried to neutralize themselves from, [are] sufficient enough [t]o shame and demonize your decision together with the judiciary [,] federal and state [,] for the remainder of your existence on the face of the Earth [:]


***      “[T]he immediate consequences here affec[t] [Muslims] directly, [but] the

longer-term damage is [a] degradation of the rule of law in this country[.]”


With that in mind, the immoral and hypocritical unfounded theory or notion of “begging” for justice under the American corrupt Federal and State Judicial System’s monopoly, does [not] exist within Abulkhair’s philosophical dictionary [,] nor his values and principles, whether the philosophy and literature would accept this term of expression and interpretation or not.  Justice must [be] demanded by [t]he force of moral courage, and the Court must be kneeled to accept it [.]


[B]y publish[ing] this petition [or] admonition for [t]he outside world, and faxing copies to the United States “Judiciary Committee” in [Congress] and the “highest” (court) of “gays and lesbians”, the legalization of [spying] by tampering, intercepting and opening the mail to invade the privacy of [Moslem] citizens in America, urges and calls upon the legislative body in all Arab and Moslem nations around the globe to adopt the same policy against the U.S. Citizens and to enact [a] new law immediately [t]o implement and enforce forthwith the same [,] not limited to the all of the U.S. ambassador’s mail and emails with[out] regard to any useless [fake] diplomatic immunity, which has never been respected by his own country.


[T]he interception and opening of the mail and emails of all American[s] abroad, British and Israeli will definitely enhance and advance the effort [t]o expose the CIA, FBI, and spies hidden under the ground [.]  Based on certain developing evidence in result of [t]hat aforementioned concern, [t]he Egyptian Government [,] in particular [,] should determine whether any of those countries once found engaging in such prohibited conduct and practice amount to close their embassy, consulates, educational institutions [,] and [ban] them from passing through the (Egyptian) Suez Canal forthwith in order [t]o bring them and their economy to their knees [.]


[T]his is the [ONLY] (language) the United States of America Government deemed to understand and respect deeply.  The history [is] the best evidence and witness for [t]hat undeniable fact.   Now, by twisting its arms, if not breaking them, the U.S. will realize its misconduct and miscalculation in invading Moslem citizens’ privacy by disregarding, degrading and foot-stepping over the Rule of Law for which the immoral and corrupt Third Circuit Court rubber stamped.


By:    /s/Assem A. Abulkhair, Pro Se

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