Imo: Government Has Not Cut Salaries Of Civil Servants And Does Not Intend To Reduce Work Force

Youth Leader Blasts Okorocha Over Insensitivity

Government Of Imo State

Press Release

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This is to inform the Civil Servants in the state in particular and Imo people in general that the Rescue Mission Government in the state or the governor, His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha has never ordered that the salaries of the Public Servants be cut by 30% (thirty – percent) as being claimed in some quarters and does not have any plan to do that.


It is not also true that the State Government is conducting staff audit of the Civil Servants aimed at reducing the work force. We have only gathered that the office of the Head of service has embarked on the collection of data of individual Civil Servants for record purposes. The exercise is quite different from staff auditing.


Governor Okorocha has been known for humanitarian gestures all his life and does not engage in any venture that would cost pain to individuals and groups in the state. That is why for the first four years of his administration he had tolerated streeting trading, illegal motor parks, rampant erection of kiosks and others, until now the situation has gone out of hand and calls for action.


It is equally important to let Imo people know that those who are not happy with the resounding victory of Governor Okorocha in the April 2015 gubernatorial election were behind these rumours or blackmail. They had before now said that the governor had scrapped free education, and banned Keke Napep. This time, they have come up with the falsehood of the government cutting the salaries of Civil Servants by 30% and working to reduce the state work force.


All these are unintelligent lies that are neither here nor there. And we know why they are packaging and distributing these lies now. They have been told that the election petition tribunal will nullify the governorship election and call for fresh one. So, they are bent on poisoning the minds of those who have been seen as the arch supporters of the governor like the keke people, students, Civil Servants and others.


We only want to appeal to Imo people to disregard such lies when they come up with them because we know they won’t relent. All these are blatant lies. Governor Okorocha loves the people of the state and will not take any action that would not be in the overriding interest of the state and her people. And our consolation in all these is that lies are always shortlived, but truth remains prevailing. And that is why the Rescue Mission government in the state has always resorted to telling the truth on any given issue, and we shall continue to do that even in the face of multifaceted lies being told against the government by self-made opponents.




Chief Press Secretary to the Governor



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