Senate Presidency: Doctrine Of Necessity Favor Akume



A prominent member of Akume for Senate President campaign team, Hon. Simon Shango, has said that doctrine of necessity has given the current minority leader in the Senate upper hand to become the next senate president, adding that the All Progressives Congress (APC) has also spent money on him to learn the job.

He believed that senator Akume has been the shado Senate President  because he has learnt the job and gotten the patience to deal with the arrogance of the ruling class.

Shango at an interactive section told a selected Journalists at the weekend in Abuja that all over the world once an opposition wins an election the senate minority leader automatically becomes the Senate President.

“As minority leader, Akume was the opposition Senate President. They sent him for a learning course to learn the job so that if he is re-elected, he would have used his many years of learning to become a Senate President.

“He has learnt, he has known about it. He has over the years, gotten the patience of dealing with the arrogance ruling class Senators. He was sent for a course and he has passed. He got a distinction.

“Akume was the shadow Senate President as the minority leader. Who else would be able to know what he knows. Besides, what Akume has done politically to bring Benue from where it was under an incumbent government to become APC with landslide victory, there can be no reward that will be too much for such a person.

“The biggest issues in Nigeria apart from petroleum are issues of ethnicity and religion. Am sure you know that and you have a President from the North-west, who is Hausa-Fulani and is a Muslim, you have Chief Justice from the North-East who is also a Hausa-Fulani and a Muslim. Now, would you still bring a Muslim in the North –Central who is a Yoruba or Hausa-Fulani, a Muslim and make him the number three person. I am sure the APC will not allow that.”

On the issue of Benue currently occupying the Senate, he said, If there was just one Senator on the platform of the APC from the South-east or South-south, we wouldn’t be talking about the issue. But we are saying it today because of the doctrine of necessity like the issue of Late President Yar’adua.

“The doctrine of necessity is to keep Nigeria going and one. It has arrived again just like in the time of Yar’adua. So, that is what has given Akume the chance higher than Saraki or any other person in the North-central.

“Saraki is a Yoruba man, the vice President is a Yoruba man. Abdullahi Adamu, though also a minority is a Muslim. Akume is a minority man and a Christian, that is what makes him different, and above all, he has studied the job. He has been tested over the years.”

On the issue of North-east agitating for the position, he submitted that the region was not interested in the position for the sake of unity and peace of the nation.

According to him, only one person in the region had shown interest in the position but maintained that the party would take a decision on the matter.



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