Bauchi Govt Pays Bauchi Governor-Elect 565million

Bauchi state Governor-elect, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar receiving certificate of return
Bauchi state Governor-elect, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar receiving certificate of return
Bauchi state Governor-elect, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar receiving certificate of return

Information reaching from sources within the Isa Yuguda administration in Bauchi State indicates that the incoming governor of Bauchi State, Governor-Elect Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar of the All Progressive Congress [APC] has received a warping sum of N565million from the outgoing administration of Isa Yuguda of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP].

According to available information, the outgoing Governor of Bauchi Isa Yuguda had remitted the sum of N65million to the governor – elect for his travel expenses – from Bauchi to Kano – and from Kano to Abuja. He was given the money to enable the governor-elect travel from Bauchi to Kano – and then from Kano to Abuja.

In addition to the N65million that was handed directly to the Governor-elect, an additional N500million was supposedly approved for the transition committee set up on April 22, 2015 by the Governor-Elect. The said N500million was paid into the private/personal bank account of the Secretary to the Transition Committee – who was hand picked by the governor-elect. From the personal account of the secretary to the Transition Committee, the money was then transferred out to another personal account belonging to the Governor-Elect.

Shortly following the receipt of the N565million, the Governor – Elect, in the company of his wife flew out of the country – to an unknown destination. Our source believes he may have flown to one of the Middle Eastern countries. “He did not embark of the original scheduled trip to Kano and Abuja”.

As gathered, the political chieftains within the APC in Bauchi have become livid with the actions of the governor-elect – that they have now labelled him “the wrong choice”. One of the chieftains who spoke to our correspondent in confidence stated that the governor-elect has shown “his true colors to us” since after winning the election. “He now goes about saying that it was Governor Isa Yuguda and other PDP chieftains that won the election for him”. The chieftain pointed to the manner the outgoing governor so willingly gave the governor-elect brand new sport utility vehicles [SUV] immediately following his victory at the polls – as indicative of collaboration between the two.


The chieftain called on President-Elect Buhari to exercise caution in his dealings with the governor-elect of Bauchi State. “No ministerial appointments should come from him. He is corrupt and untrustworthy” – said the APC chieftain who went further to explain that the Governor-Elect has had run-ins with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commissions [EFCC] while he served as the Resident Electoral Commissioner [REC] in Rivers State.

Cursory investigation reveals that the Governor-Elect served as a REC in Rivers State while Malam Nuhu Ribadu served as the Chairman of the EFCC. Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar was arrested and brought for questioning by the EFCC – but the case was died down through the intervention of Shehu Abubakar – who is a close friend of Nuhu Ribadu. Shehu Abubakar was a banker who was attached to Intercontinental Merchant Bank. Shehu Abubakar helped to plead on behalf of Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar for Nuhu Ribadu to overlook the case and allow Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar walk away free.




  1. What manner of junk journalism that does not scrutinise sources. First it was insider in Bauchi government, then APC sources. No single paragraph tries to show professional fairness, objectivity and balance by getting the other side story. Besides the whole allegation looks spurious. What a shame of journalism.

  2. My attention has been drawn to a publication by this newspaper 247 titled “Bauchi State Pays Gov-Elect N565million”. My name is referred to in the above article as having collected ober N500 million and transferred it to the account of the Governor-Elect.

    Both assertions, I hereby assure the public are false. The Governor – Elect didn’t travel at the expense of government. Only the police escort were paid an allowance of N3 000 per day each. If this newspaper wants to know how much the committee actually collected from government, it can approach the SSG at the Government Bauchi or meet me at the secretariat of the Transition Committee. The amount we collected has remained in my custody as the Secretary and is being utilised in accordance with our budget and strictly according to existing regulations in the state government.

    This is all I can say regarding the accusation. I am not in a position to know how much was withdrawn from government coffers in the name of the Governor-Elect by somebody in government. May be someone in the present government did withdraw N565 million in the name of the Governor-Elect and our committee. It’s possible, given what governance has turned out to be. And may be not. I don’t know. Only after May 29 our own side will be able to tell.

    However, the cash brought and kept in my custody at the Bank is what I know, just a tiny fraction of the purported figure and less than half of what the Transition committee of the present administration used in 2007. My representative signed the delivery note for it from the chap that brought it from the SSGs office. If there is any cuwa cuwa, neither myself nor the Governor Elect would know about it. The serving SSG is in the best position to clear the air. Or the public can be patient until after May 29 when the Governor-Elect assumes office. Then we will be in a position to say exactly how much was withdrawn.

    We assure the people of Bauchi State that we are discharging our duty to them with full sense of responsibility. If anyone is jittery about our work, please let him or her be rest assured that we are not here to victimise anyone.. We are only taking an inventory of governance in the state. We shall treat each case on its own merit and follow the law in doing so. Why would any innocent person panick at this innocent and peaceful exercise? False propaganda against our committee or the incoming government will not deter us, in sha Allah.


    Dr Aliyu U. Tilde
    Secretary, Transition Committee, Bauchi State.

  3. The attention of the Bauchi State Government has been drawn to a story published by this online publication, 247Ureports titled, ‘Bauchi Govt Pays Bauchi Governor-Elect N565million’.
    Ordinarily, we would have ignored the said malicious story but in order to set the record straight for the right thinking members of the public who might have read the story and in line with the reaction of the Secretary of the Transition Committee, Dr. Aliyu Tilde, we have decided to state the true position of things.
    As is done when a new administration is coming in, a Transition Committee has to be set up by both parties, (out-going and In-coming administrations) in order to have a smooth transition and transfer of governance.
    A Transition Committee was set up by the in-coming administration and the sum of N52, 209,384:00 was approved and released to it for the assignment following due process and financial regulations.
    Having been declared winner of the gubernatorial election, the Bauchi State Government has to provide official mobility to the Governor-elect to enable him move around preparatory to taking over the running of the governance. It is therefore not true that ‘cash’ (N65Million) was handed over to him to enable him travel to Kano and Abuja as claimed by the writer of the story because it is not the responsibility of the out-going administration to foot the travel expenses of the Governor-elect. It is therefore a figment of the imagination of the writer.
    We also want to state categorically that at no time was the sum of N500million was given to the Governor-elect by the Isa Yuguda led administration as claimed by the writer who is just out to malign and ridicule the administration for a reason known only to the writer and his or her sponsors. Just like Dr. Aliyu Tilde stated in his reaction, truth will soon prevail and all detractors will be put to shame.

  4. wa…….!! as for me i hope good for d in coming govt my prayers are may allah almighty guide and protect the elected governor.
    your excellency we are in captivity of negativity, all wa we ask is change for the better


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