Ogbulafor Moves To Join APC



-Explains why PDP CRUMBLES


The gale of defections that hit the ruling Peoples Democratic Party[PDP] since after the Presidential election won by the opposition All Progressives Congress [APC],continued Friday, with the visit of the former National Chairma of PDP and apostle of the party’s 60 years rule ,Prince Vincent  Ogbulafor, to the National Secretariat of the APC.

Ogbulafor who sneaked into the APC Secretariat at about 2.30 p m and went into closed door meeting with the party’s National Chairman, Chief John Odiegie Oyegun, for less than 40 minutes.

When he emerged from the meeting, journalists cornered him and the following conversation ensued;


We are surprised you are here sir?


I just came back into town yesterday and I came to congratulate the national chairman of APC for a job well done.


Don’t you think some of your party members in  PDP, might read meaning to this?


How can they feel offended? I am still in PDP.


Are you considering joining APC?

Not yet. Even if I will, not yet


How do you feel about General Buhari’s victory at the poll?

I am very happy.


But sir, we recalled that you were the one who said PDP will rule for sixty years?

Well, when they dismantled governors forum what do you expect?


But you are coming to associate with APC?

I am a Nigerian.


Won’t it be treated as anti-party by your party?

I am a Nigerian. APC has produced the president of this country and I have to congratulate him for job well done.


Are you still in PDP?

Why not?


How would you described the election in Abia your home state?

When they conclude it you will get the result.


How soon should we be expecting you in APC?

I have been National Chairman, National Secretary and Minister. I will remain in PDP until it becomes necessary to make a change




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