AIG Mbu Needs Psychiatric Test – Group



A group, Concerned Advocate for Good Governance(CAGG), has taken a swipe on the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) in charge of Zone, Mbu Joseph Mbu for stating that 20 Nigerians would die if any policeman is killed.

Addressing a press conference in Aba, Abia state,National Coordinator of CAGG,Olusegun Bamgbose described Mbu’s outburst as a height of irresponsibility for someone holding a high office to encourage murder, insisting the controversial police officer should be made to undergo a psychiatric test.

“I’m worried by AIG Mbu Joseph Mbu’s order to his men to kill 20 people for any policeman killed. A lot of innocent Nigerians have died under the ‘accidental discharge by policemen, so its too dangerous for Mbu to give such orders which policemen will now rely on when they kill innocent people. How sure would he be that the 20 people he has given orders to be killed are the people who killed a policeman? When you place this order to kill with his activities during his posting in Rivers state, there is no doubt that Mbu need psychiatric test to determine his suitability for the job of protecting Nigerians. He needs to be cautioned because he has at several times, overstep his boundaries. Let him not see himself as above the law. Let remember some of his colleagues, dead and living like Raphael Ige who kidnapped Senator Chris Ngige. Mbu should remember that there must be a day in which he will account for his records. Nigerians are watching him. CAGG is set to take Mbu to court for any innocent Nigerian who loses his life under his command”

The human rights activist further berated Mbu for insisting that he will arrest any governor with convoy on election day and reminded the top cop that governors have immunity granted to them by the Constitution which he is bound to respect.

He warned the AIG to face his job, play by the rules guiding police work and stop issuing threats as if Nigeria is under a military rule.

“He must learn to respect himself because he is not above the law. As a top police officer, he must take anybody who breaks the law to the law court.”



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