General Muhammadu Buhari’s Post-Election Reign Of Terror




  1. Enough of PDP’s misrule in Nigeria. Nigerians have given this party enough time (16 years)to misrule our country. It is not about Jonathan. Neither is it about Buhari. But, it is about the manifestos of the PDP as a party. It is a lie, lie party and full of corrupt people. Not that APC too is a party of the saints, but one can see development in many of the APC states in the country.

    PDP and Jonathan should start packing their loads and baggages from the Aso Rock because there is a vacancy there right away.

    The South West, South-East, North West, North Central and North-East are clamoring for a change through the APC. If APC too happens to disappoint in the next four years, another party will be supported until we achieve the desired change that Nigeria needs.

    Thank you.

  2. Would we still be discussing post election violence in Nigeria if the APC presidential candidate were to be either Kwankwaso or Atiku? The answer is a definite NO. Someone is deliberately stoking the embers of post election violence just to intimidate the people into electing him.
    Gen Muhammadu Buhari is the personification of post election violence in Nigeria. Sule Lamido’s accessment of Buhari is unassailable. Go read it.

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