‎Senator Chris Anyanwu, Hot-fm And The Threats To Imo PDP – By Ambrose Nwaogwugwu

Chris Anyanwu
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The worst type of fight to engage on, in my sincere estimation is engaging on fight with some one who have got nothing to loss.
The new entrants into the Imo PDP are like the proverbial condemned criminals who are at the verge of facing the firing squads, who would then be threatening the prison guards to a fight because they knew too well that they have gotten nothing to loss; why? Even if the prison guard shoots them to death, they simply  got nothing to lose because they are to be facing the firing squads the next couple of days to come.
These new entrants into the Imo PDP who are now threatening fire and brimstone are simply doing so because they have got nothing to lose; after all, they helped bury the party during the last elections in the state. These people are no good party men and women. The NWC and indeed the state’s working committee of the PDP needs to be wary of them.
They wouldn’t be feeling anything if PDP should loss. Because they just came with nothing, they weren’t the ones that suffered the 2011 electoral pains, so it will be convenient for them to leave it again when they couldn’t achieve their selfish ambitions; in other words- they don’t have anything to loss should anything happen- the gains or the pains.
But this people that have stayed put, this people who suffered the electoral conspiracy of 2011 – the Imo PDP that suffered the pains then when the going was rough and still stocked out their necks and stood their grounds that PDP in Imo state shall conquer again have got plenty of things to loss if the unexpected should happen.
This is the far reaching reason the PDP NWC have to be careful with her new entrants that has nothing to loss so to say.
People like senator Chris Anyanwu should be treated with very high degree of scepticism. The recent PDP three man delegates congresses which took place at the various electoral  wards levels in the state have indeed, exposed most of their odiousious ulterior motives in the Imo state People’s Democratic Party, PDP.
Her selfish interests have driven her into ambitiously despicable frenziness  which the postures have brought her very commitment to party successes to question. Why there is nothing wrong with any one being ambitious in life; I wish to say that there is something fundamentally wrong with over-ambitious folks who places self interests and aspirations over that of the general public or party as the case may be.
In senator Chris Anyanwu and her campaign management desperate postures; I see a people who are overzealously desperate to the realisations of selfish interests at the detriment of her party.
The very comments of the media consultant to senator Chris Anyanwu, Mr. Everist Ezihe on the monday 3rd, November 2014’s edition of the People’s Assembly at Hotfm left people much to be desired on the true missions of senator Chris Anyanwu and crew to Imo PDP.
It is not just about the consistent campaign carried out against Imo PDP for couple of days on Hotfm, but the threats of Senator Chris Anyanwu through her media consultant , Mr. Everist Ezihe that if their quest to win primaries was not achieved, Imo PDP may have to suffer another 20yrs of political oblivion in Imo state, plausbly Nigeria in extension made vocal their likely intentions towards Imo PDP.
I see the comments and threats as self serving and opportunistic and the last that sould have been heard from a figure like a distinguished senator of the federal republic of Nigeria, senator Chris Anyanwu.
I was utterly disappointed in her, so as many people who wishes to oust the incumbent governor in the 2015 general elections in the state.
Another personality is the distinguished senator himself; senator Ifeanyi Ararume. He was quoted as saying in the news that he was going to slap a particular aspirant who enjoys the goodwill of the people and whom Imo PDP is wishing to use in actualizing their 2015 dream of reclaiming back Imo government house.
The distinguished senator needed to understand that every one will not become the governor of Imo State at the same time; there are those who have built foundations and legacies waiting to be consolidated upon.
What I expect a senator of Ifeanyi Ararume making to do is to learn from experience and not allow his personal interests becloud that of their party in Imo.
Senator Ararume should play as a party man whose overriding party interests should come first before any other thing. Therefore, threatening to slap others who can bring the much needed interests of the party to fruition should be the last to be expected from a party man, he should then give way for a level playing ground and allow every one to test their instincts.
And to Imo PDP, what they must do now as an urgent important thing is how to manage this arrays of political heavy weights on her fold.
Ordinarily, the general perception on the streets of Imo state is that Imo PDP have gotten the personalities and resources capable of ousting the present governor- Imo therefore beckons on her to give them this much needed change, disappointing Imolites because of their inability to manage this people will never be forgiven.
Imo PDP should not be like the proverbial man whose only lesson he learnt from experience was that he learnt nothing- the 2011 experience should have been enough to learn from.
For a party that have suffered so many electoral defeat in Imo state; they may have deluded themselves in the belief that they were politically more sophisticated than they had been in 2007 and 2011.
Imo PDP should therefore not forget that a new generation of of voters have come of age in Imo state; this is the very reason they have to eschew the deep growing rancour and resentment among her warloads and field-in their very best.
Imo PDP must as a matter of urgency, field in the aspirant who has the executive experience, whose integrity is not in doubt, who has the projects and programmes to match the incumbent strength to strength.



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