Bayelsa 2016: Diezani Madueke And Patience Jonathan At War



Reeling from the shenanigans that led to the sack of the federal minister of Aviation, Honorable Stella Odua by the president of the federal republic of Nigeria, the controversial Minister for petroleum resources, Diezani Allison Madueke appear to find herself in another battle for ultimate supremacy inside the Jonathan kitchen cabinet. This time the federal minister is reported to be a daggers drawn with the wife of the President.

It is recalled that the exit of the Aviation Minister, Stella Odua came about partly because of the battle for supremacy between the two lady ministers. The petroleum minister due to her closeness to the President managed to win the battle – which led to the exit of the Aviation minister.

Information available to obtained through a consortium of competent sources indicate that presently, all is not well with the women around the President. Particularly, the First Lady of the nation, Dame Patience Jonathan and the Federal Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Allison Madueke are reported to be a daggers edge with each other – over the upcoming gubernatorial exercise in their home state of Bayelsa State.


A usually reliable source indicates that the Petroleum minister has recently begun nursing ambitions of becoming the governor of Bayelsa State. The source indicates that the petroleum minister is likely to step down from the Jonathan administration as the reelection campaign heats up – to avoid being a mark for the President’s political opponents to attack the President on the presidential campaign trail. The petroleum minister is likely to bow out of the Jonathan administration to make way for a rancor-less  presidential reelection campaign. The petroleum minister has been plagued with controversy over her mismanagement to oil resources and financial impropriety. The petroleum minister is reported to play the role of a cash cow to the President – to settle most of the political cash settlements which the President uses to buy political support – the like Fani Kayode and others. The lease of private jets at exorbitant rates, the unaccountable cash withdrawals by the petroleum ministry from the country’s oil revenues, the foggy cash reconciliation of the petroleum ministry were among the list of lingering and highly controversial issues that may crop up becloud the reelection campaign.

In Diezani’s first attempt at seeking a suitable office, following her exit from the petroleum ministry, she sought to join the international oil industry at the world scale by contesting for the position of secretary to OPEC. Her attempt failed.

Having failed, she turned her efforts to occupying the government house in Yenogua, capital of Bayelsa State. Already, the presidency through the makings of the 1st lady had begun searching for a replacement for the current governor of Bayelsa State, Barrister Seriake Dickson. According to an official close to the 1st lady, Dame Patience Jonathan has an ‘acute’ interest in selecting who eventually replaces the current governor in 2016. The current governor of Bayelsa State is reported to have fallen out of favor with the presidency – by way of the 1st lady. The governor fell-out with the presidency following his misunderstanding over financial matters with the 1st lady. The 1st lady is said to have been making requests on governor – which the governor was unwilling to grant.

For this reason, the 1st lady’s quest to maintaining her godmother role in Bayelsa and the efforts of the petroleum minister to mount the governorship mantle – collides in a manner that has brought a renewed rift between the two women.  Already, the petroleum ministry has opened talks with would-be financial and political stakeholders within the Bayelsa political sphere – and has begun meeting with groups on an exploratory manner to test the waters on the possibility of contesting for the primaries for the gubernatorial ticket. The first lady, on her part, has already selected a ‘son’ to replace the current governor. The special ‘son’ is said to be a current ‘aide’ to the presidency who had followed the first lady through her career as the 2nd lady at the Bayelsa State government house. The ‘son’ is said to have the complete trust of the first lady – and he has proven his trustworthiness over the years.

The governor of Bayelsa State is said to be aware of the ongoing efforts to replace him come 2016. Sources near the governor tell that the governor has accepted the possible fate that awaits him. One of the sources added however that the governor “will not go down without a fight“.

On the President’s part, our source point out that the president remains largely in the dark over the nature of the rift. The source indicates that the president appears consumed by his reelection efforts. To him, “its do or die“.

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  1. In everything I can see Nigeria labour are not protecting workers in Nigeria, if labour Union are not corrupt, I don’t see why some people will be above the law, and i advise Mr president to handle Issue as a man, he should not gives rooms for people push him around, whoever the person may be, I don’t know, Nigeria labour Union should protect workers.

  2. Nigeria Women must be empowered not to be removing them from there work, from story to another, people are colliding to make sure Diezani Allison madueke must be removed in her Office of minister of petroleum, so that they can be able sharing oil subsidy money, or sharing crude oil money, now after they sourced removing her, who will be the next Ngozi Okonji Iweala, until they removed all the women in power, then they will have chances to roots public funds, Nigerian government should follow the steps of other countries and empower women not by removing them, because women are Quarrelling over kitchen, you go and remove a whole minister of petroleum. It will be a blow to our president.

  3. If they find her quilty of misappropriatiing public fund in oil sector,am on the opinion that she should be removed’ but if not any effort to remove her will b scatter in Jesus name

  4. Stella Odua she is behind the removal of Diezani Allison Madueke, because of kitchen fight against Diezani Allison Madueke, But did this people come to serve Nigerian government, or they just come to serve Dame patience kitchen, or Nigerians who voted president Goodluck Jonathan, to serve our people, I know that crude oil is a paranoid to Some elements of PDP and some elements APC who want to remove Diezani Alison Madueke, Nigerians what’s the Job of first lady and her husband, why some elements of Criminals collided against one woman all the time, why? Our first lady Dame Patience Jonathan, as first lady she supposed Gather Nigerian women together and Empower them, because that is her job, she don’t suppose allows our women to lose their jobs, or by fighting each other over kitchen, and how do you expect Mr president to remove Diezani from her position, you can never mix private affairs with government work, it is against the law every were in the world. people should repent and allows women to do their job. we must Empower our women. Because time are coming when they will become president of our Country. From Hrh Igwe mbanabo, king Ibe.


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