Media Attack on Govt; Ontisha Drugs Mkt. Sets Up Inquiry Panel



The sledge hammer of Onitsha Patent Poprietors Medicine Dealers Union, OPPMDU will soon descend on any member(s) of the union who may be involved in the media reports said to have not only embarrassed Anambra State government but has gone far in soiling the cordial relationship that has existed between the government and the leadership of the market.

This was disclosed at the weekend by the Caretaker Chairman of the Onitsha Bridgehead drugs market, Chief Ugochukwu Nwosu during the inauguration of a-five-man committee of inquiry, saddled to investigate and unveil those involved in the act, which he described as not only sabotage but a total act designed to tarnish the image of the leadership of the market.

Disassociating the entire traders and the members of the caretaker committee members of Onitsha Patent Poprietors Medicine Dealers Union, OPPMDU from the publications with protest photographs of some mischief makers, published in some national dailies last week, Chief Nwosu said it is now clear that those going into antagonize with the state government through their market have made themselves known to the state government.

OPPMDU boss who said he was shocked to his marrows when his attention was drawn into the story. Wondering why one of his caretaker committee member’s picture appeared on pages of newspapers with the approval of his office.

The market leader however frowned that the provocative protest publications was not investigated by the reporters of the story even as he argued that there was never any public protest of any kind in Onitsha as claimed by the now known trouble makers from the market.

“It is sad to note that the hardworking Commissioner for Commerce and Trade in Anambra State, Hon. Ifeatu Onyejeme was the center of the attack by some mischief makers who is toady using Onitsha Patent proprietors Medicine Dealers Union, OPPMDU as their hideout. But I bet you, their time is up and after the panel of inquiry I have just inaugurated come up with their findings, it is then that we will come out and spell their name(s) for them”

‘The Hon Commissioner, Sir, we saw a protest publication against your office by some trouble makers, it was embarrassing as Onitsha Patent proprietors Medicine Dealers Union, OPPMDU, my office is not part, we therefore disassociate ourselves from the malice publications and protest which never took place anywhere” Chief Nwosu appealed.    .

He however charged the panel of inquiry not leave any stone unturned in fishing out those involved in the act that have been condemned by the entire traders of the market. Chief Nwosu assured that the report of the panel of inquiry will be given its merit at the end of the day.
Responding on behalf of the panel, the chairman Hon. Mike C.J Madu assured that justice will be done to the assignment given to them, calling for the cooperation of the entire traders.



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