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Exposed: “The Sponsors Of Nasarawa State Impeachment Plot”



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Press Release

Gov. Al Makura of Nasarawa State
Gov. Al Makura of Nasarawa State

We read with disbelief and outrage the advertorial on page 59 of  Weekly trust newspaper of 26 July, 2014 signed by ‘Caucus/Elders Committee of Peoples Democratic Party’,Nasarawa State Chapter for the

Attention of ‘Nasarawa People’! Ordinarily, we would have ignored the advertorial as the ranting of

frustrated, desperate, self-serving, failed and unpatriotic citizens of Nasarawa state but for the blatant falsehood, misdirected allegations, dramatically ironic statements and the personalities that

Signed the advertorial. The message contained in the advertorial is, to say the least, a brazen confirmation of the desperate desire of these power-mongers to return the state to the better-forgotten dark era of PDP misrule which the people of the state have jettisoned with delight in 2011 to the

Chagrin of these consorts. That the signatories consist of, mostly, the dramatis personae that

Bled the state to a near comatose speaks volumes of their ignoble, despicable and rejected desires for the return to years of arrested development. Their position on the saga is understandable given the

Disgraceful rejection by the people of Nasarawa State in 2011.

Now that all their attempts to distract the Governor Umaru Almakura Administration through legislative strangulation ,media tirades using cognomens, foisting crisis, among other stratagems, have failed, they

have now  opted for their last diabolic weapon; impeachment.

The latest desperation stems from the sterling performance of APC Government in just three years: construction of pioneer asphalt drained roads in Lafia and 12 other urban towns; building structures

in the educational sector and free education policy; new General hospitals and reform of the abandoned Primary Health Care system; water and power infrastructure; rural roads construction; welfare of public servants among others too numerous to mention here, which they and people of nasarawa state are aware of This achievement, in just 3 years, portend to them a grave future to their party and an imminent electoral rout in 2015 and have made them crest-fallen and despondent, hence their resort to this civilian coup. True, removal of an elected Governor is a legislative/judicial function but the PDP are now telling us that they have a role to play in the process. That is the message from this advertorial. It is the

Inadvertent confirmation that the whole nation is grieving about; that the gale of impeachment sweeping through APC states is their roadmap to ‘winning’ elections in 2015.

It is a paradox of some sort, therefore that these cabal are talking of external influence in the Nasarawa State impeachment saga. Question is: who is influencing who and for what purpose? Certainly, it’s the

PDP apparatchik. The nation now knows that the PDP Members of the Nasarawa State House of Assembly (NSHA)  are being influenced by these signatories and their cohorts to grab power at all cost even if the heavens will fall and not through the ballot box.

The public will recall that the members had to relocate to Abuja and only sneak to Lafia to perform their anti people impeachment process that is already tainted with irregularities and scurry back to Abuja

away from the people that voted them! Why is the Caucus meeting held in Abuja on matters that concern Nasarawa state? The reasons are obvious and your guess is as good as ours; quarantine of the assembly members to do the bidding of the ‘Caucus/Elders’.

We also express our consternation on the notion that the assembly men are out to ‘sanitize’ the state and rid it of ‘misery and misrule being inflicted on it by Almakura’. What a paradox! The people of

Nasarawa State know who the misrules and who have nearly condemned them to such period of penury, maladministration and underdevelopment.


Why they are afraid of the peoples’ verdict in 2015.Lest they forget, let us remind them of the circumstances of their hubris in 2011. Huge annual extra budgetary expenditures with no

tangible project to show for it; the Paris Club refund missing funds; neglect of the educational, health, water, roads, workers welfare.


Mostly glaring was the neglect of Lafia and its consignment to the status of glorified local government headquarters for the 12 years of PDP misrule.

Again, they said the protests were sponsored and executed by ‘miscreants’! a member of NSHA(Baba Ibaku) ridiculously said on national television that the protesters were victims of Boko Haram and Taraba crisis on refuge to Nasarawa state. Have these displaced persons settled in all parts of the state considering the fact that

the protests were seen in all parts of the state. What a gross misrepresentation! Nigerians watching the protests know whether it’s sponsored or not given the all-embracing composition of the Participants; women, traders, trade unions, students, artisans, CBOs, NGOs, traditional rulers, indeed the gentry. How much will you pay these people to come to harm’s way other than their genuine desire to stop the attempt at arresting the first ever development effort by any government since the creation of the state.

The sleazy advertorial also solicited for the support of its PDP members and well-meaning people of the state. Well, the people have already rejected this call by their sustained protests. They were not consulted by the assembly men before embarking on their perilous adventure and should therefore carry their cross and remain pariahs in their constituencies.

They have surely written their names on the wrong side of the history of Nasarawa state and should be prepared forits ultimate verdict.

Sadly, too,  these PDP ‘Caucus/Elders’ accuse Distinguished Senator Abdullahi Adamu, first civilian Governor of Nasarawa State, to date the only true elder statesman in the state, of grieving because his grandfather(?), Governor Almakura is ‘drowning’. We challenge ALL the signatories to deny that Senator Abdullahi Adamu mentored them into limelight. He, it was that built the PDP from scratch to its apogee in 2007 when he handed over power to these motley crowd. It is this same anti-people posture of the people he handed over power to that destroyed the great PDP house; he strenuously built, to its very foundation. They are now singing the nunc dimities. We salute the PDP undertakers in Nasarawa state.

What do you call those who betray their benefactors? How about those who show brazen ingratitude? How about those who obstruct the development of their people and their land?We remain committed to the task of rescuing Nasarawa State from the abyss of destruction that the 12 years of PDP misrule has taken it to.

We will not be deterred by the antics of these unpatriotic, self-serving power mongers. We will continue to join all progressive people of Nasarawa State in supporting Governor Umaru Tanko Almakura in his God-sent mission of enthroning a vista of Pax Nasarawa.


Philip Shekwo Tatari

State Chairman

For: State Executive Committee

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