In the name of Allah the beneficent the Merciful



Photo shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) and US President Barack Obama.

Photo shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) and US President Barack Obama.

Nigeria, a country blessed with enviable resources and potentials for growth and development is now crumbling into chaos right before the eyes of its citizens.


This is virtually the most unfortunate time of our history, when politicians are compromising peace, unity, integrity and morality without caring about the devastating consequences of their actions to pursue their political ambitions. If we consider the factors that gave rise to human societies in the past, it grows clear that man seek nothing else in life than happiness and progress. This happiness is not possible except when all the necessities of life are being secured.


Obviously, this problem of insecurity which is by all indications manufactured in a political laboratory, is now culminating into unfortunate occupation of our country by some foreign elements .After several killings ,kidnappings , bomb blasts  and all sort of terror and human right abuses on many innocent Nigerian citizens by the non-existing, evil dressed group called” Boko-Haram” , planned and created   by the Zionist manipulations  to destroy humanities and Islam in this country. Here comes another face of abuse, torture and physical war against  Islam and humanities in Nigeria- the coming of western arrogant powers, U.S, Britain, France ,Germany and their other international and local allies into the country under the pretext of  rescuing abducted  Chibok school girls and fighting terrorism in Nigeria.


This criminal act can never be justified. There is no justification for compromising the sovereignty of an in depended Nigeria. Why are they looking beyond our borders for solutions to stage managed issue?  Why has a government that repeatedly said it was on top of situations and also denied the incompetencies of its security out fits, now easily accept foreign intervention?  Even the President in his media chat insisted that these developed countries with their experts could not trace the missing Malaysian aircraft with over 300 People on board. So why is the sudden change to accept them to find the missing girls?


Is thiscitizens Chibok in line with earlier predictions by  these imperial  countries that Nigerian is going to disintegrate and become a failed state by 2015 and is the so called “Boko-Haram” just a tool in their actualize the arrogant dreams?


The scope, resources, co- ordinations and Sophistications of the operations of this so- Called group appears to be planed beyond Nigerian national Intelligence. Some Nigerians thought Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is either unwilling or incapable of doing anything effectively with regard to security,but the reality was that Western powers did not permitted him to do so .He rather resorted to attending a political rally in Kano dancing publicly barely after 48 hours of the deadly bomb blast that killed scores of citizens in addition to the Chibok school girls saga.


The long time initiated tragic killing of innocent souls in Maiduguri ,Yobe and several states within the northern part of the country  and the climax which is chibok abduction seem to have opened the door for international scrumble for Nigeria and its resources in the name of finding the missing  girls.Their imperial media mechanism showed the girls covered in veils indicating that the Christians among them were  forcefully Islamized.


This look well scripted and every thing is gone according to how they planned it. How could 276 young girls be abducted at once and be transported over 100 kilometers in a state where emergency is supposedly en-force? The claim by the Amnesty International about the military having advanced warning and failing to foil the attack requires more than mere denials, it calls for a full scale investigation.


Frankly speaking, the government is not sincere in its campaign of confronting the problem on the issue of insecurity; no sensible person will ever trust Nigerian government because they did not do anything to deserve the trust.  Government complicity in the insecurity problem is now an open secret; many people have seen helicopters supplying militias, food and ammunition in the wild.


This leaves us with no option but to hypothesize that the insecurity is a false- flag aimed at preparing ground for foreign occupation. Moreover, there are widely circulated videos of some disgruntled elements posing beside armoured vehicles and proudly taking responsibilities for the atrocities in different areas in the country. How sure we these helicopters and armored vehicles are  not from government military bases. What of the audio clip now in circulation which depicts a soldier claiming to have seen his military instructors among insurgents?


But, the most unfortunate and dishearten of all is the conspiracy of linking terrorism and terrorist acts to Islam. It is not a new thing seeing some people in military uniform in video clips taking responsibilities for murders, pillage, arson, kidnap and rape, and they shamelessly lie that their actions are Islamic.  Undoubtedly, their shameless acts are sponsored to link Islam with terrorism. Mean while Government inability to face those atrocities, squarely despite; controlling a large army and others security unit is enough to established complicity.


To those who know not the aims and objectives of the western arrogant Powers ‘armies in Nigeria, what has been the achievement or success of these armies so far in the world?  Since they began their so called peace keeping, U.S armies have not recorded success in any of the countries visited so far, rather they execute their agenda of exploitation and numerous criminal programmes. What have they achieved in Afganistain, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, etc. They end up in end in creating enmity misfortune, and branding names for Muslims such as Al- Kaeda, Al- Shabab and now in Nigeria the sname is Boko Haram.


Our eminent Leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) has on several occasions warned that these problems of insecurity are conspiracy theories. He had at several times, debunked the notion of the existence of an organization called Boko Haram. He said it is just a conspiracy aimed at linking Islam with terrorism, creating misunderstanding between Muslims and Christians and also creating scenario of Chaos which will consequently open the door for foreign domination of the country’s resources.


Conclusively, we called on awaken and concerned Nigerians to rally round our revered leader Sheikh Ibraheem  Zakzaky( H) whose efforts has been on towards having a sustainable society, betterment ,peace, Unity,  freedom  and a successful leaving, in the next life .


Certainly, these plots against Islam and the people of Nigeria will gradually come to lime light and the plan will fail within a short period of time by the grace of our Creator, Allah. The internationalization of the Nigerian so called war on terror will definitely open the mind of people about the devilish conspiracies of the world Zionists against the people of this country.




Shuaibu Isa Ahmad



2 Comments to: The Conspiracy Of Terrorsim: A Plan For Foreign Domination Of Nigeria

  1. Bobcy

    May 15th, 2014

    This is pure nonsense of a yaro to write the article. I pity his level of education who can not see beyond his nose.If his daughter is part of the girls he would not be saying this, shame on you O ye sleeper, wake-up from your slumber and face the reality.

  2. cliff

    May 15th, 2014

    Nonsense. B. HARAM is not a western conspiracy. Members of BH are Hausa speaking islamic terrorists. No two ways about it. You can swing it any way you want it, it is what it is. Let the western nations comes, we will show them where to drop the bombs. If that leads to your tents oh Israel, so be it. At the dreams of the late sixties will be realized.