Prof Dora Akunyili

Prof Dora Akunyili

My attention has been drawn to the rumour circulating on social media claiming that immediate past Minister of Information and Communications, Prof. Dora Akunyili, is dead. I have also received several enquiries in this regard.


This rumour is not only baseless but also the height of wickedness. I spoke with Dora’s husband, Dr. Chike Akunyili, and her brother, Dr. Francis Anayo Edemobi, both of whom are with her in the hospital, and they both assured me that she is responding to treatment. The conversation took place from 2:20 this afternoon and lasted for some minutes.


As I said in an earlier statement issued on Wednesday evening, Prof. Akunyili fell sick over the weekend and was first attended to by doctors in Abuja but had to travel to India on Sunday on their advice for further medical attention. She is grateful to Nigerians for their prayers and remains confident that Almighty God will hear our prayers and grant her quick recovery.


The public is advised to disregard any rumours or reports to the contrary. Those engaged in spreading this satanic rumour should desist. What Prof. Akunyili needs at this time is not prophesies of doom or alarming false reports about her health condition but continued prayers and best wishes.


Isaac Umunna

Media Advisor to Prof. Dora Akunyili

Lagos, May 16, 2014

One Comment to: Prof. Akunyili Very Much Alive And Responding To Treatment

  1. mabama

    May 17th, 2014

    Well, it’s hard to believe, hard to bear. But our jewel of a lady, Prof. Akunyili, is not responding, not talking directly to the people anymore. Well, that’s life.