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The attention of Nweke Nweke’s family has been drawn on the script written and ready to be displayed by the armed squad of Nigeria Security & Civil Defence Corps, Anambra State Command and other bandits hired by the Corps aimed at kidnapping and killing our breadwinner, Nweke Nweke has been exposed by the officers of the Corps serving in Anambra State Government House, Awka.

(1)That instead of addressing the report with the byline Comrade Nweke appropriately, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps has resorted in  sending strange faces to the office and residence of Comrade Nweke, therefore having forced him to into hiding while our family members are by the mercies of God Almighty.

(2)That the report published in credited to our father as the author stated that the out gone Commandant of the Corps in Anambra State Command, Mr. Michael Ochogwu was ACCUSED or SUSPECTED to have committed some degrees of crimes ranging from embezzlement of undisclosed millions of Naira graciously given to the officers serving in Government House, Awka, by the immediate past governor, Mr. Peter Obi which ordinarily, the Corps has the full right to debunk the allegation or accept it in good faith if the allegation was true.

(3) That Anambra State Command of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC as a very virgin paramilitary organization has failed to note that Comrade Nweke Nweke is not working with the corps and therefore cannot manufacture any story against anybody serving in NSCDC.


(4) One should note that Comrade Nweke Nweke  is not contending position with Commandant Michael Ochogwu and if he is sacked from NSCDC,  Comrade Nweke Nweke will never take his position, his uniform or rank.

(5) For us to tell the whole truth in love, Comrade Nweke only represented the interests of the officers serving in Government House, Awka who have for ages been in bondage over the deducting of their stipends under impunity by the authorities of NSCDC in Anmbara State.

(6) That instead of declaring vandals who operates within the bank of River Niger in Onitsha wanted as enshrined in the Act that established the Corps on the 28th day of June, 2003, NSCDC Anambra State Command has turned back to be a foul which left the knife that killed it only to move into the pot and bend its neck by declaring a man performing his legitimate duty wanted.

(7) May we state it categorically clear that we are calling on the Federal Government, Inspector General of Police, National Director, State Security Service, the Nigeria Army and other relevant authorities in Nigeria to call NSCDC, Anambra State to order as they are to be held responsible should anything happen to Comrade Nweke and the rest members of our family,



Sopulu Nweke

For the Family


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