Governor Al-Makura’s 2015 Mission Impossible

Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura displaying his membership card soon after the registration as APC card carrier memebr in Gayam Ward, Lafia Nasarawa State
Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura displaying his membership card soon after the registration as APC card carrier memebr in Gayam Ward, Lafia Nasarawa State

By Rabiu Doma,Nasarawa

The outcome of the Local Government election in Nasarawa is a clear pointer that the chief executive, Umaru Tanko Al-Makura may not have a better outing come 2015.


Reasons being the landslide victory of the opposition political party, The People’s Democratic Party serves a pain on the neck, The All Progressives Change suffered a defeat by the conglomeration of PDP chieftains.


Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura’s days are numbered, experts believe. The challenge may not be unconnected to the mass exodus of party followers aftermath of the party congresses which was marred by deceitful declaration of aspirants under the platform of the APC.


The party congress was the last straw that breaks the camels back,It could be recalled that the APC in Nasarawa   was descending to the abyss due to manipulation of party primaries election which was announced in favor of weaker candidates.


The internal brawl that rocks the APC in Nasarawa state includes


1.The suspension of the state Deputy Governor Dameshi Luka  who defected to the People’s Democratic Party, His defection  is a leverage to the PDP,This and among other factors serves as a yardstick for the opposition party to bounce back to steer the baton of leadership of the state come 2015.


3. Apart from the Deputy Governor other movers and shakers of the APC seven including a chairmanship contender, Ahmed Okudu from Nasarawa Local Government defeated to the PDP.


The greatest challenges of Governor also was the landslide victory of the PDP winning 4 Local Government  out of the 10 Local Government as announced by the electoral umpire while results of three Local Governments are inconclusive ,The outing of the PDP is real that Al-Makura’s chances of returning to the shendam road Government House is uncertain.


Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura remains the best Governor Nasarawa state ever had,Al-Makura can be ranked as the best in the area of physical projects ranging from the massive construction of quality township roads cut across the length and breadth of the state.


Since the inception of the state in 1999 to date no administration has make an  effort of constructing an asphalt overlaying township road in the Local Governments headquarters of Awe,Akwanga,Doma,Wamba,Nasarawa Eggon,Nasarawa,Keffi.


The state capital remains a glorified Local Government lacking all necessary social services to qualify her as a seat of power, The Governor also succeeded in introducing free primary and secondary education in the state.


This free education policy has in no small measure assisted the downtrodden in the society, Other success stories of Governor Al-Makura was the massive construction of Model schools cut across the nook and cranny of the state.


He was the first Governor in the north-central zone to implement the new minimum wage, a policy that was kick against by vast of the PDP controlled states,


To provide security to students/Pupils in public schools, The Governor constructed fences in the school to prevent intruders from raping female students, some of the schools that benefited from the olive branches of Governor Al-Makura include GGSS Garaku, GSSS Lafia amongst others.


The Governor also succeeded in providing potable drinking water to some Local GovernmentHeadquaters while mass construction work of digital library is ongoing.


The Governor also succeeded in the flagging-off of 80 beds specialist hospital in Lafia and 60 beds hospital in Akwanga which he promise to extend his olive branches to Nasarawa Local Government.


Al-Makura has written his name in gold in the sands of Nasarawa state as the most performing democratically elected Governor, barely three years in office, The Governor is not having the best of his live with the enormous challenges vested on him.


The insecurity in the state may be listed among the uphill task of APC regime under Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura has plung the state into chaos, Over 5000 people were killed, houses and millions of naira destroyed, No fewer than 20 communities has far been deserted.


The chances of the Governor to return to the shendam road Government House is blink with the presence of the presidency, The defected Deputy Governor and the majority of the lawmakers walking against Al-Makura is a clear  signal of his crash.


The unending challenge of Al-Makura’s regime was absence of welfarism, money was not in circulation even among the working class,a pundit from the seat of power maintain that all approval right from N250,000 meant for ministry and Local Government are signed by the chief executive.


Other confront is the insecurity of the state, since the taking over the baton of leadership  on 2011 not less than 5000 were killed following sequence of communal and ethnic attacks in the state, Record has shown that over 20 communities were displaced by conflict.


It could be recalled that one of the national dailies reported an attempt by the presidency and the Nasarawa lawmakers ploting impeachment against Governor Al-Makura, The defection of Dameshi Luka to PDP is a clear game plan by the PDP to impeach Governor Al-Makura and replace him with his ailing Deputy.



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