Federal Government To Investigate Jigawa State On SURE-P Fund Missing – Abba Anas Adamu



Byumar Aminu Ibrahim, Dutse

Federal government is to investigate Jigawa state government over monies missing out of the federal government money originating from the SURE-P funds amounting to millions of naira targeted to eradicate the menace of poverty among the rural community in the State.

The pronouncement was made by the former commissioner of education Alhaji Abba Anas Adamu in Jigawa state. He had served as the sole administrator in charge of PDP in Sokoto state – and a man-Friday to President Jonathan in Jigawa state.

Alhaji Adamu stated that the federal government has given millions of naira to Jigawa state in the name of SURE-P programs – but the standard of living among people of Jigawa remain bad. “No sign of vehicle provision that were purchased by Jigawa state in the name of SURE-P”.

He added that even people that the state claimed were employed – were discover to have yet to be paid their salaries. He went further to allege that the Jigawa state government is diverting federal government money meant for SURE-P to other personal projects.

Adamu said it became necessary for federal government to drag governor sule lamido to court to explain where he spent the money. He stated that they will find out what the federal allocation of grant meant for local governments in Jigawa state was used for – since it was not given to the elected local government chairmen.



  1. Abba Anas Adamu, you are a liar, a hypocrite and a traitor! Remember, there would be a life after death and you should account all what you did before God. Both you and your oga at the top (GEJ) would awfully fail in the name of God.


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