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Gov. Okorocha And 84 Katsina Youths Deportation: The Matters Arising – By Ambrose Nwaogwugwu



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On a more serious note and still on the gov Okorocha’s deportation of 84 youths of Hausa origin, Katsina state from our state, Imo as reported by Vanguard Newspaper of 28 January, 2014 edition, ever since I posted it and my recent condemnation of that very unlawful act, so many people had since gotten my postulations misconstrued as they had alleged me of double standard and speaking from the both sides of my mouth!

May I at this juncture correct some misconceived impressions emanating from the camps of the governor!

I am stating that:
1. I condemns the repatriation of bornifide Nigerians from a Nigerian state because it is illegal and unconstitutional as the constitution clearly guarantees the right of every Nigerian to live at any location in Nigeria, and hence, it is an infringement on the rights of the Katsina cum Nigerian youths .

2. I have never in any way supported the illegal acts of the governor but only supported and commended the proactive responsiveness of the Imo state police command in ascertaining if truly the suspects are true Boko harams as alleged because it is within the prerogative of the police to prosecute if they finds them to be true Boko haram and not the duty of the governor to repatriate anybody even if they were found guilty after the holistic investigations and other necessary procedures, as Nigerians, they were not meant to be deported from a Nigerian state but will serve whatever jail term in Imo state and not the other way round of deportation as gov Okorocha did.

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3.for the governor to hastily repatriate the suspects back to their states of origin from Imo state spells out that there is some thing more in the offing. Why didn’t the governor allowed the security apparatus to carry out their investigation to ascertain if truly these youths are Boko haram as alleged? Our governor by deporting these youths from Imo state without investigation from the security officials means that he is hiding some thing from us and some how, the allegations that the youths were imported because of 2015 election might be true and on this note, am calling on our governor to allow the security officials to do their work without his interference and after if there’s nothing to it, our governor can then charge the Imo state PDP for raising a false alarm and until then, we demand that he allows the police to do their works.

This issue of the gov. Rochas Okorocha to hurriedly deporting the youths raises some genuine questions from discerning Imolites and the general public, because it would be very important to know if they were deported back home for their own safety or is it because of the fear that they might wreck havocs in the state? As Imo state government through ICAPS had claimed that these ones repatriated were in training and it brings in yet another question, Who recruited them for the training? Under what arrangement did they come?. These are few out of the many pertinent questions in the lips of Ndi-Imo begging for answers. I am against every move to forcefully move a Nigerian away from his/her place of residence or a place of schooling to his/her state of origin.

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What if the Imo state PDP hadn’t had raised an alarm over the in flocks of suspected Boko-haram members into Imo state, would the governor had left the suspected boko-haram members? And what was the actual crime of the Katsina youths? By repatriating them back to their state is not only witty, but also very suspicious and our governor must come out and clear all these genuine suspicion out of Imolites and also produce the remaining members of the suspected boko haram members as the Imo state PDP had claimed in their allegation that they were more than 600 and gov Rochas only provided 84 people, where are then the remaining people?
As the governor has started fetching them out, let him provide them all and hand them over to the law enforcement agencies this time and not deporting them back to their state because we the Imolites wants to know who imported them in the first place and for what reason/s they were imported.

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