Plan To Frame Ngige Uncovered



The Chris Ngige Campaign Organisation (NGIGE 2014) has uncovered a insidious plan hatched by the Anambra State government along with a mercantile national officer of APGA  and some corrupt security personnel to import some Nigerians from outside Anambra State and get them to make spurious ‘confessions’ accepting guilt on some electoral offences and connecting Dr Chris Ngige in the botched Gubernatorial election of November 16, 2013.

Our source confirms the advancement of negotiation in this regard with price money ranging between N5 -10 million for the political mercenaries, whose only duty would be to write and sign a statement claiming accepting that they had committed some set of dictated offences ranging impersonation through forgery to violent snatching of ballot boxes, ‘on the instruction of Dr Chris Ngige’.

We restate for the avoidance of doubt that the APC candidate in the failed November 16, gubernatorial polls is a above-board player, who remains decidedly;y distant from childish pranks and corner-cutting found in opposing platforms.

He would therefore not in anyway connected to any electoral offences , but will have no hesitation insisting that those who are should be brought to book in line with his no-nonsense position on matter of discipline.

His philosophy and views on matter like this have permeated every aspect of APC life in Anambra State.

Any attempt to further the wicked plot of handing any electoral offences on his neck through mercenaries will naturally hand on the neck, just lke the mercilessly rigged November 16, gubernatorial polls.

Once again we restate our position that only the cancellation of the November 16 gubernatorial polls which all stakeholders, observers and the umpire have admitted wide-spread irregularities will guarantee the democratic rights of Ndi Anambra, which must not in our view be made by anyone to seem inferior to that of Edo State, or any other state that has witnessed acceptable elections.

The general public is hereby put on notice to demonstrate alertness and to blow the whisltle on any plan intended to humiliate those who have Anambra State and its peoples in mind, as opposed to the home rats that foment subversion of the legitimate rights of Ndi Anambra with the bush rats outside in the pretender platform of Igbo party, as Ndigbo do not have difficulty identifying their leaders.

Our party demands that those involved in this plan should desist before the wrath of the people Anambra State descend on them.

For: NGIGE 2014

Okelo  Madukaife

Deputy Director,Media & Publicity

Chris Ngige Campaign Organization-NGIGE 2014

Opposite Government House, Awka,Anambra State.



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