El-Rufai ; Face Of Deceit And A Chronic Liar

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Gentle men of the Press

Re: C.A.N as campaign tool for PDP, by Bigot Nasir Elrufai

We read without surprise the accidental Civil Servant comments a forthright ago on the above subject matter where he alluded to false, imaginary and outright lies that he is known for
El-Rufai’s fighting against C.A.N simply portrays him as an anti- Christ, he must be sick and stupid for associating C.A.N with politics. C.A.N president has never told any Christian to campaign for Goodluck Ebele Jonathan neither has he ever collected a dime from the President.
It is an open secret that we all know that Elrufai is an enemy of our dear country and it has been severally exposed that he is one of the chief sponsors and supporters of the Ismalists Boko Haram Sect.
Let it however be known to him that as Senator Ndume was caught red handed dealing with the terrorists, so will he be captured soonest on his devilish dealings with the Islamists terrorists killing and maiming people in the name of religion.
Nigerians have not forgotten in a hurry his activities during his tenure as minister, when he demolished Churches and mosques with wanton recklessness and converted same to his friends, families, associates and concubines. Is it now that he wants to portray himself as a lover of Islam simply because he aspires  to become governor of Kaduna state in 2015?
Does this nuisance really have a religion at all?
Can somebody warn this lousy idiot to stop insulting C.A.N and JESUS Christ?
We Christians don’t fight or go rioting for JESUS when He is insulted , but allow JESUS  to defend Himself when insulted, and soon this nuisance of a man called El Rufai, will soon meet his Waterloo
C.A.N President is not his mate in any way and therefore he should beware,   because our Holy. Book say, “Touch not my Annointed and do my Prophets no harm”
C.A.N President represents the entire body of. Christians and symbolizes JESUS Christ Himself, so the respect we have for him is unquantifiable.
Mr accidental Public Servant will soon be accidentally hit with what will  daze him for the rest of his life if he doesn’t repent and surrender his miserable life to JESUS Christ.
ElRufai should be warned to keep his tongue in check with the way he insults Christians and C.A.N in this Country, because no. Christian has abused JNI or Mohammed, because we are well mannered in the act of respect and tolerance for religious, cultural and tribal differences.
The frustrated bigot has lost out politically and he thinks by venting his anger on Christians , he will win the sympathy of Muslims as he prepares towards his gubernatorial ambition . If he is hungry, he should go back to his former master or colleagues who can always help him Financially and assist him feed his large harem of concubines, families  and hanger-ons
The Southern kaduna people have listened to all the nonsense he has been saying, but put this into your thick skull that the leadership of kaduna state is not for a kind of person as Elrufai, who is a religious fanatic, bigot and tribalist
Whether he Ike it or not, let it be known to him that he can never and will never be governor in kaduna State.
The earlier he realize this, the better for him because whoever are his accomplices in Southern Kaduna, we will frustrate him and them together and his ambition will be dead on arrival as far as the politics of Zone 3 is concerned
In conclusion, we have just  submitted a petition to the EFCC on his criminal activities while he was Minister of the F.C.T. They include,  Fraud, embezzlement land grabbing, nepotism,  falsification, amongst several other criminal acts he committed as Minister
As we await the outcome of the investigation of the EFCC, we will not rest on our oars, until we ensure that this bigot is sent to political oblivion

Samuel Caleb Abbott
National President, southern Kaduna Progressive Youth Movement

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