Advance Stealing Of Another N15bn From Anambra Coffers


The discovery that over N15bn Anambra State funds had been mortgaged in advance in a post-dated agreement among the trio of Victor Umeh, National Chairman of All Progressiive Grand Alliance (APGA) , Mr Austin Ndigwe (Adviser to Victor Umeh) and Mr Willie Obiano,candidate of the APGA in the November 16, Gubernatorial polls is shocking and disheartening.

We recall with pain that approximately the same amount stands unaccounted for as international loan commitment from the Islamic Development Bank which to our knowledge has been misappropriated.

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It is public knowledge that the sourcing and deployment of funds used in the construction of SAMmiller Breweries makers of Hero Beer is still the subject of litigation in an Abuja high court, in a suit seeking to retrieve Anambra State funds cornered by individuals in government.

What however makes the latest development most remarkable is that it is coming from a government that is yet to become and from a platform that pretends to be seeking the common good of South Easterners who need all the funds they can get to catch up on infrastructural development and other human indices, working far against the tide of time.

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This remarkable advanced budget theft is a crest-fall for a state that has successful liberation in 2013 from scavengers targeting their treasury for no work done and no value added.

To wake up to the fact of a governorship candidate who claims to man born to Anambra State going into a commitment to pay N120 million to his National Chairman, and N30million per month to the Chairman’s adviser is unsettling and unbecoming.

These rogue payments were supposed to be made from March 20, 2014, three days after March 17, 2014 when the next governor of Anambra State ought to be sworn in.

It is even more shameful that someone who claims such an agreement and still have the mind to ask for votes or pick a man who will pick on a neophyte to install as governor, hoping to muscle in the finances of a state in need of rehabilitation to the tune of N120 million per month for Umeh and N30 million for R Austin Ndigwe.


All the committed funds are to start running from March 20, 2013.

The implication is that not only has the election been assumed to have been won, it also explains the desperation and mouth-watering offers being made to compromise agencies connected with thee elections.

As we see it, our state has been saved, because the document of evil has leaked.


Victor Umeh, Austin Ndigwe and Willie Obiano and their numerous collaborators yet to be publicly nameD should hide their head in shame and leave the governance of Anambra State as henceforth to those who will not sell their fatherland for a mess of pottage.

Anambra State voters should embrace wisdom by voting out these agents of darkness who wish to return the state the pre-2003 suffering.

God has indeed saved Anambra State.

For: NGIGE 2014

Chris Ngige Campaign Organisation


Deputy Director, Media &Publicity



  1. From the day that I heard that Austin Ndigwe has jumped ship and re joined APGA,I became very apprehensive of the move. I was pretty sure something was cooking and that its a matter of time it will be done. Now the game is up. Very soon Uba campaign organisation will issue a statement calling for probe-(you know what I mean?)
    As much as I don’t support APC,Ngige is too intelligent for this type of trash in circulation. And yet another one!!-N15b. A closer look at the signatories on the that paper shows that it was a dirty job done by illiterate minds FOOL STOP. Anambra electorates are wiser than such trash.
    Maybe,soon another “fraud”will be uncovered!–all in the name of election.


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