The Trend Showing Subversion Of Justice Through The Instrumentality Of The Federal High Court By Buruji Kashamu



Buruji Kashamu the self-acclaimed Leader of the Peoples Democratic Party in the Southwest and Ogun State is now notorious for subversion of justice through the instrumentality of Principally the Federal High Court.

Buruji Kashamu has attained so much notoriety that he is widely regarded as a Consultant on any matter involving the Federal High Court headed by Hon. Justice Ibrahim Auta, who Buruji has persistently boasted is in his pocket.

Recently, acting as Consultant to Ifeanyi Ubah of Capital Oil who was said to have paid N700, 000, 000 (Seven Hundred Million Naira only) to him, Buruji Kashamu got his main stooge at the Federal High Court, Hon. Justice Kafarati to grant a perpetual injunction to restrain law enforcement Officers from prosecuting Ifeanyi Ubah. This is not the only one, Buruji Kashamu is Consultant to numerous oil Subsidy Thieves who have cases in the Court.

On the Political front, Buruji Kashamu has always been boasting that he can obtain any Order that pleases him from the Federal High Court for a fee. It is a notorious fact that apart from having Hon. Justices Ibrahim Auta on his payroll most of the justices within his ring frequently visit and spend time at his Hotel on Victoria Island, Lagos.

The operation of Buruji at the Federal High Court is a web having Hon. Justice Ibrahim Auta as the head. The duty of Hon. Justice Auta is to ensure that the cases filed on Buruji’s instructions are referred to known Justices within the web and to ensure that they are not transferred away from the Justices no matter the gravity of any complaint.

Next to Hon. Justice Ibrahim Auta, is Hon. Justice Okeke (now Rtd), who was head of the Federal High Court in Lagos. It was Okeke who restrained the Attorney general of the Federation from extraditing Buruji Kashamu. His Order was recently set aside by the Court of Appeal. He ensured that cases in Lagos ended up with either Hon. Justice Abang or Hon. Justice Archibong (now dismissed).

In Abuja, the main hatchet man is Hon. Justice Abdul Kafarati. He it was who granted all the Orders Buruji Kashamu used in fighting former Ogun State Governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel to a standstill to pave way for his faction of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Ogun State led at that time by one Engr. Shoremi.

Recently, in the case against former Governor of Osun State, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, Buruji Kashamu boasted that Oyinlola will be removed with N25, 000, 000 (Twenty Five Million Naira only) and within a few months, Justice Kafarati did it!

In Lagos, Justice Archibong who was dismissed on account of one of the Buruji Kashamu cases on Ogun Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) (among several other reason) must have given not less than 20 Orders of injunction, Committal to prison e.t.c. for Buruji Kashamu. His judgments are always less than 2 paragraphs. Thank God he is gone.

The mantle is now heavily on Justice Abang to do Buruji Kashamu’s bidding as paid. Last year alone he (Abang) granted over five Orders for Buruji Kashamu who pays per Order.

We are on the lookout for others and we are conducting investigation on the details of these cases but for now we got the following from Ogun State people who have been victims of Buruji Kashamu’s repression through the judiciary.


Hon. O. J. Okeke J.
(Later assigned to Archibong)

Hon. Abdul Kafarati J.

Hon. O. E. Abang

Hon. C.E. Archibong.
(Later assigned to Abang)

What these Justices do not know is that Buruji Kashamu is persistently boasting about his exploits in relation to these Justices to attract patronage for his consultancy.




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