Egbesu Mightier Strike Force gives 7 days Ultimatum to Muslim to Leave Niger Delta


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A militant group in the Niger Delta code name “Egbesu Mightier Strike Force” has given seven days ultimatum to the Muslim community in the area to leave or else there would be massive attack on them.

In an email message by the Joint Revolutionary Council to, it said they are being compelled by the present Boko Haram merciless bombing in the country without verifiable developmental agitation and the Northern oligarchy to unseat a serving President in the country.

According to the message, the tsunami of Boko Haram will not, in its sweep, skip the homes and interests of it promoters, active or passive, stressing that,  Boko Haram has been leaving bombs around churches and other places with clusters of the innocent souls.

“Even now there is killing going on in the North. The continuous killings of Christians in the North should be stop forthwith. If peace is pronounced a war, why can’t we go our separate ways by amicable agreement?  Boko Haram may have its origins from wherever it likes. None of the core Northerners, eg. General Buhari, General Ibrahim Babangida, Atiku Abubakar, Junaidu Mohammed, Adamu Ciroma, Ango Abdullahi, self acclaim chief servant, Babangida Aliyu etc. could not have condemned the barbaric act of killing with Its wild excesses are essentially a reaction to the Presidential ascendancy of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. It has its sponsors and financiers in the North and outside Nigeria. If we are actually one Nigeria, why won’t we allow other geo-political zone to rule the country?” Commander Okiki Kene lamented.

The statement added that, Saudi Arabia is the centre of the Islamic faith, yet, there was no single killing of Christian faithful in that country. Why all these killing in reaction to Goodluck Jonathan’s Presidential victory? With this trend, we can’t leave together. Leave Niger Delta now!!! Your failure to leave at the expiration of this message, we lead to killing of any Muslim we see in the Niger Delta Region.

No section of this country is an embodiment of killing others. Muslims can’t live in our land freely (Niger Delta) while Boko Haram will be killing our people in their land. This is our message, if you like stay and test our ultimatum then stay and see what will happen. We are fully ready to kill if you test us.

They further said the Rivers State Governor, Mr. Rotimi Ameachi should have rethink on his stand against President Goodluck Jonathan within the seven days and warned the state commissioner of Information, Mrs. Ibim Semenitari  to respect the office of the President as regard her defense to her Boss, saying that they will visit them within the period. “What we are going to spear them is to re-track all statement made against the Presidency, and then we have talk,” Commander Okiki warned.

“We have tested blood war during the days of our agitation for equal right. These Boko Haram live among you and praying in the same mosque is well known to them. So they can’t claim that they don’t know where the Boko Haram is in the North.

The emergence of the notorious Boko Haram was premeditated and designed to blackmail and undermines the authority of President Goodluck Jonathan. It is a political weapon used only when a section of politicians feels that they are losing grip of the government in their manipulative tendencies”.

“The truth is that no dispensation will ever be good in Nigeria except from Muslim North. The release of BokoHaram Co-founder, Alhaji Ali Tishau by the Police on the request by the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) and later vanished from detention is clear demonstration that the North is out to fight the President with the Islamic Sect.

Enough is enough with this Sect to worry Mr. President. Go your home and leave our land now within the stipulated period. We the Egbesu Mightier Strike Force have given you our word. We have killed and we will not care to kill again if you dare us”, Commander Okiki vibrated.



  1. we know where u are been sponsored by Goodluck. Mind u Asari dokubo is a muslim. And u said all muslim should vacate. This is nonesensical. And jonathan should call his people to order.

  2. we know u are been sponsored by Goodluck. Mind u Asari dokubo is a muslim. And u said all muslim should vacate. This is nonesensical. And jonathan should call his people to order.

  3. I seriously don’t know how or why the presidency is going so low …that it need protection and stupid threats from political thugs and weak be frank GEJ is a weak man. This is one of many reasons why a minority should not rule . They think the whole of nigeria is Niger delta…

  4. you bunch of idiots, you are free to kill as many as you want,but you should know that northerners are not bagabons like you who will wait for an hour to retaliate. it will be an eye for an eye. infact ijaw people and the entire niger delta are not nigerians,history taught us that they are bunch of marons who live on water and travel from coast to coast of cameroon, nigeria and other african countries. amongst them you will find pirates,kidnappers and their likes. with all your fetish eghesu god you can’t do anything, infact do your worst. we are aware of your acquisition of weapons but we are ready for you and when the time comes we shall over run you. all of you and your elders enough of the threats. today if it is not anehni it will be asari bunch of lunatics. you have been blaming the north of setting boko haram, a franchise that you and your cohort the CAN set to distablize us, that is why this murderer have not yet see or comment on the efforts of the civilian JTF but before he shout at every instant. many christians have played a complicit role in boko haram, many of them have been arrested either with greenade in abuja or a bomb inside church in bauchi. my final is if una mama born una with blood remaining six days already.

  5. some of your comments show immaturity.U should mind the words you use on our president by age and statue he deserve your respect.He is not a dictator but a democrats who does not take rash decisions as U expect,if he is acting tough most of U will be in cell or killed for all your comments and insultS on him. U all know that those making the threat of asking the Muslim to leave Niger delta are a dissident few who does not have the interest of Nigeria in their heart.NIGERIA MUST BE ONE.

  6. Please tell our President to step down instead of thinking of how to kill muslims in Niger Delta, that will not solve the problem, I know it is Mr. President that is sponsoring you to do this, most Niger Delta do not even like Mr. President e.g myself,


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