Borno Government To Demolish 25 Churches, Christian Schools

Gov Kashim Shettima
Gov Kashim Shettima

We have seen that eviction notice from the Borno state government. We are all Nigerians and there are other places where the state government can develop. The areas being earmarked for demolition are already developed with churches and schools. We have enough problems at hand and we don’t want to add another problem. Christians have suffered enough in Borno State. If the state government wants to destroy churches and build any Housing Estate, no Christian will see it as a sign of progress. As soon as we authenticate the source of that letter, we are going to reach out to the state government to make sure that Christians don’t lose their churches and lands there. But we have no reason to doubt the source of that letter. We have suffered enough in Borno state and enough of all these things which are coming in another disguise. Borno state government should reconsider that decision to demolish churches and their properties because in Borno state, there are many vast lands. They should do that instead of going to these areas where Christians have settled for long. We are asking the Borno state government not to try it.” – stated the General Secretary of Christian Association of Nigeria [CAN], Dr. Musa Asake, over the Borno State government’s attempt to demolish over 25 churches and Christian schools under the guise of estate development.

Paranoia laden uncertainty has overtaken the already unsettled mood among non-Muslims living in Borno State. This is as information available to indicate that the Borno State government has initiated what appears a veiled evacuation process of an area populated by Churches and Christian schools along with other secular establishments.

According to information received by, the Borno state government had commenced actions on the planned evacuation. It dispatched a Notice to the church leaders and owners of farmlands in the area impressing on them of the government’s plan.

This was contained in a letter from the Borno State Ministry of Lands and Survey dated August 20, 2013 signed by Musa Ummate – for the Commissioner – titled “Notice of Acquisition and assessment/valuation of structures on proposed site for 1000 Housing Units along Gubio Road Highway.”

The letter read, “I am directed to refer to you farmers and holders of structures on the proposed site for caption matter above and regret to inform you that the Executive Governor has on the power conferred on him by Section (2)b of the Land Use Act 1978 has directed through high powered committee on Construction Ref. no: HPCC/2500/HE/S/TEC/1 to notify you of his intention to acquire your farm lands and assessment/valuation of the structures on the proposed site situated along Gubio Road, Maiduguri. The acquisition is necessary in view of requirements of the land by the state government for overriding public interest to construct Housing Estate. The affected farmers and holders of structures are to take note and appear on site for the above exercise, please.”

Cursory investigation by points away from the stated reason in the government letter. It is gathered that the Borno State government has little interest in developing the said area into a house estate. Rather, it is gathered that the Borno State government has long developed a religious sterilization program aimed at ridding the State of Christians – and thus enforce the Islam-ization of the State.

The lands in question were purchased from the local farmers. The certificates of ownership issued by the District Head in Maiduguri were obtained by the various Christian establishments.

See the letter below –




  1. The writer made a valued point, if the State would like to develop any where, they should find a neutral land not already established Churches or Christian Schools. It is unethical and ungodly and Satanic to note the ridiculous and despicable motive of the governor of Bornu State to persecute Christians and destroy their Churches and Schools in pretense of housing nonsense. That Governor must be agent of boko harem in government house. He is trying to abuse his office to deny the Christians their natural and constitutional right and it is pure discriminatory and ridiculous. The federal government should enforce the law that will protect the humble Christians that have been targeted by the notorious Islamic fanatics in the Northern Nigeria. Any governor that fail to protect the life and interest of every citizen religion or no religion should be forced out of the office and punished squarely.


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