President Barack Obama Crashes High School Soccer Practice


The soccer team at Tully Central High School, in New York State in Onondaga County, got quite a surprise on during Friday practice. Stopping by the field for various photos, some chit-chat and a little dribbling of the soccer ball was none other than Barack Obama, the President of the United States.


We all know that Obama has a big love for basketball, but it appears he has an appreciation for a different kind of ball-centric sport. While on the field Obama tried out some dribbling and a few penalty kicks,”I was driving by and I thought … I’d like to kick the ball around a bit,” Obama joked about why he stopped by. But he was there for a non sports related reason; to discuss making college more affordable for students like the ones he watching during soccer practice. “I’m assuming everybody here is going to want to go to college,” he said. “So, part of what we want to do is make sure that whatever school you decide to go to that you can afford to do it and you can get grants and loans and you don’t end up having too much debt.”


Nice that he can balance a bit of business with pleasure!









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