APC backs National Assembly on Rivers State



All Progressive Congress in Anambra commends the decision of both chambers of the National Assembly that the Federal House of Representatives should  take over the legislative duties of the Rivers State House of Assembly. It is proper, justified in the wake of breakdown in law and order in the state House of Assembly and is well- timed.

It holds key to normal functioning of the legislative arm of government till sanity returns to the 32-member State Assembly.

We liken  in part, the events in Rivers State those in our own Anambra State a decade ago, when official security attached to Gov. Chris Ngige at the time was withdrawn and subsequently a carefully orchestrated orgy of violence was unleashed by forces of retrogression, on public properties built with Anambra State funds under the supervision of the Police and the connivance of Olusegun Obasanjo-led federal government.

We have noted the significance of the events in Rivers State and its coincidence with the tenth-year anniversary celebration of the triumph of Anambra State over a coup against a democratically elected government, which failure heralded he declaration of Anambra State Liberation Day-July 10, from 2003.

We caution that every effort should be made by the executive arm of the Federal Government to restore the security of the Governor and all state functionaries of the Rivers State Government, while the resolution of all differences must be approached within the tenets of democracy and in the context of the rule of law.

We cannot but take a hard look at the issue of the continued existence of state government that are helpless in matters of securing their states and the continued maintenance of unitary policing in Federal Nigeria.

We call on President Jonathan to withdraw the recognition given to the loser of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum election of May 24, 2013, Governor Jonah Jang of Plateau State and embrace democracy by recognising the winner of that election.

We condemn the role played by the Governor of Anambra State, Mr peter Obi in the unsustainable claim by Gov Jang to the chairmanship f the NGF and hope that the first citizen of Anambra State who has shown very strong anti-democratic credentials owing to  benefiting from a compromised election in February 2010.

We identify with the actions so far taken by the two arms of the National Assembly on the Rivers State crisis and commend the leadership and membership of both chambers for being responsive to and taking timely actions to arrest the situation.

Finally, we urge all parties and all interests directly or indirectly connected to the Rivers State issue to resort to the rule of law, as nothing short of that will be acceptable, provide peace for development and bring confidence that Nigeria is not failing as a nation.



Okelo Madukaife

State Publicity Secretary, ACN Anambra State



  1. It is obvious that when you are not in good side with central government, you might end of finding yourself in trouble for no reason other than not obeying their selfish interest.


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