Ohaneze Press Release: Beware Of Boniface Ibekwe, Chi Nwogu and Their Cohorts


The attention of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Kano state chapter has been drawn to an event titled “2013 Award of Excellence” purportedly organized by “Igbo Community Association (ICA)” to be held on Sunday, June 30, 2013 at Hotel La Mirage (27/29 Enugu Road), Sabon Gari; and we hereby state as follows:

1. That the organizers of the event being spearheaded by Mr. Chi Nwogu and Mr. Boniface Ibekwe, are not in any way representing the interest of Ndigbo in Kano state.

2. That Mr. Chi Nwogu and Mr. Boniface Ibekwe are not President-General of ICA and Eze Ndigbo in Kano, respectively.

3. That the Traditional Ruler (Onyendu Ndigbo) and ICA President-General remain Chief John Chiejina Nnaji (Agu Na Eche Ibe Na Neke) and Comrade Leonard Nwosu (ezinwanne Ka Ibeya), respectively; as endorsed by Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide, South-East Council of Traditional Rulers and discernable Igbo citizens resident in Kano.

4. That for the umpteenth time, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Kano chapter, being the apex Igbo socio-cultural group disown Mr. Ibekwe, Mr. Chi Nwogu and their cohorts whose businesses are to continue to desecrate the norms, culture and values of the Igbo race for their selfish aggrandizement.

5. That we use this opportunity to remind Kano state government under the leadership of Governor Rabi’u Muhammadu Musa Kwankwaso that Mr. Ibekwe and his group are not representative s, leaders and or rulers of the Igbo community in Kano; and in the interest of Ndigbo, we urge Governor Kwankwaso and other government officials to stop recognizing these dubious characters and source for the real leaders of Ndigbo in Kano if they have the need to consult, meet or have any issue to settle with the Igbo Community in Kano; and we state it here clearly that Ohanaeze Ndigbo, the Onye Ndu Ndigbo Cabinet and ICA Executive are at all times accessible to the government of Kano state, individuals, groups and other interested parties that are willing to consult Ndigbo in Kano for any reason, whatsoever.

6. That we refer Kano state government and the Emirate Council to a publication in page 47 of the Sun Newspapers of Friday (June 28) titled “COMMUNIQUE ISSUED BY THE SOUTH EAST COUNCIL OF TRADITIONAL RULERS, DURING THE 22ND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING, HELD ON THE 6TH JUNE, 2013 AT NONDON HOTELS ENUGU, ” where it was reiterated that the title of Eze Ndigbo in Diaspora has been abolished; and that anybody using such titled should not be recognized by Igbo sons and daughters anywhere in the world; and even at that, there was never a time Mr. Boniface Ibekwe was crowned or installed as a traditional ruler or leader of Ndigbo in Kano.

7. That as Ohanaeze can recall that, Mr. Ibekwe, sometime on March 14, 2009 at about 9 p.m. gathered his errand boys and declared himself “Eze Ndigbo in Kano”; and this is after his expulsion from the ICA on crimes bothering on fraud, financial embezzlement, and usurpation as life President of ICA.

8. That there was never a time Ndigbo in Kano elected or installed Mr. Chi Nwogu as President-General of ICA—Mr. Chi Nwogu is a product of Mr. Ibekwe’s antics; and he is being used by the Ibekwe ‘dynasty’ to perpetuate self-serving projects and defraud Ndigbo and the general public.

9. That Ohanaeze Ndigbo reiterates its support to the authentic and duly elected ICA executive led by Comrade Leonard Nwosu.

10. That Ohanaeze recognizes the only and one Traditional Ruler of Ndigbo in Kano in the person of Onye Ndu Ndigbo, Chief John Chiejina Nnaji (Nze) who was duly elected and installed with the full support and presence of a high-power delegation from the South-East Council of Traditional Ruler led by His Royal Highness, Eze (Dr.) Cletus I. Illomuanya (Obi 1 of Obinugwu kingdom).

11. That on this note, we call on security agencies, governor Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, government officials, eminent Nigerians and responsible citizens to be aware of the antics of Mr. Ibekwe, Mr. Chi Nwogu and their cohorts whose stock in trade is to defraud unsuspecting members of the public in the guise of “Igbo Leaders.”


Chief Tobias Michael Idika,


Ohanaeze Ndigbo,

Kano state.




  1. my Igbo brothers, okwu bu free. These faceless Igbo leaders should look for something good and engage their mind and time. They should leave Chief Boniface Ibekwe alone to continue his good services to Igbo people in kano. He is the only known voice that seek the good of Igbos in kano. As for Ohaneze ndi Igbo in kano, they are not on ground. Pls admin, stop giving these people attention. They are proponents of pull him down syndrome.


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