Buhari’s PresidentialCampaign Posters On Yet To Be Registered APC Platform Flood Abuja

Surprise and mixed feelings greeted Abuja residents  who woke up today to see colorful Gen,Muhammed Buhari 2015 campaign posters on the platform of the yet to be registered All Progressive Congress Party,adorning strategic parts of the capital City.

The colorful posters which is printed in A4 bold size have the picture of the retired General who is among the arrow head of the opposition coalition in Nigeria.

The wordings on the posters was careful written to deliver a message that the General is the favored candidate of the opposition come 2015.

The posters was strategically pasted along the Ahmadu Bello Way, the Asokoro district, the Federal secretariat down to Maitama with the following bold messages (2015:Here Comes The Only Savior For Nigeria, GEN.Muhammed Buhari (APC Consensus Candidate for 2015 presidential election)Support Buhari:The only man for the Job.

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There was nearly a traffic gridlock along the Asokoro Junction this morning as motorist and passby made a slow stop to catch a glimpse of the colorful posters of the General which is the first poster ever on the APC platform and a clear signal that the general and his foot soldiers are getting ready to consolidate their strategy towards emerging the APC presidential candidate come 2015.

The timing of the posters which is coming just a day to the general meeting of the merging parties joint committee meeting and  few days to the expected submission of the Application of the merging parties to INEC has kept tongue waging of the real motive of these campaigns which has now added to the growing 2015 presidential election fever which the ruling party ignited earlier.

The reaction of the people i spoke to this morning has been that of surprise and mixed feelings, Many has described that as an act of desperation and lack of patience on the part of the General and his supporters since the APC platform is not yet a registered political party.

Supporters of the General sees nothing wrong on any group or individual deciding to commence awareness campaign for the General as their is little or nothing he can do to stop any group who believes in his presidency and wish to start making public awareness plan to that.




  1. Buhari had always won Northwest and Northeast zones. If you add Tinubu’s Southwest; then Nassarawa, Niger and Kwara in the Northcentral; Edo and Rivers in the Southsouth; and Imo in the Southeast, I think the total would add up. Wouldn’t it?

  2. This is an immature action that is defiled of intelligence. Poster for 2015 election, naija nawooo! 2yrs before election.Worst still, to an unregistered party. What a shame! where is nigeria heading to? Is the office of the President a must have?


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