5 months to Anambra Guber-Poll: Don’t conduct LG election – CD tells Obi

The Campaign for Democracy (CD) South-East Region has urged Gov. Peter Obi to desist and erase the idea of conducting local council elections in Anambra due to its ill-timing.
“We are against conducting a council election after over 7 years in Gov. Obi’s administration even just as the state governorship election is only five months away,’’ CD said on Monday.
The statement, which was issued to newsmen in Awka, Anambra State, was signed by Dede Uzor A. Uzor, Chairman, CD South-East Region.
“It is very sad that the governor would contemplate to conduct local government elections only five months to the state governorship election after ruling the state for seven years and seven months in the expiration of his second term in office.
“And it is also on record that the governor had collected as local government revenue of over N300 billion; therefore, living the local government councils in the hands of caretaker committees.
“Which is against the general wish of Anambra people and the residents of the state,’’ it said.
CD alleged that the N300 billion collected from the local government confers cannot be equated or seen on the development on ground.
“Gov. Obi should leave the plan to conduct the council polls to the subsequent administration after him.
“Because Anambrarians cannot witness a free-and-fair election; especially when Gov. Obi wants to hastily conduct the election.
“And any attempt or plot to go ahead with the election would be resisted through protest, which has not happened in the history of Anambra State,’’ it said.


  1. Campaign for Democracy, thank you, thank you for taking this stand. All well-meaning Anambra person should resist this plot by Obi to continue to humiliate the people through this sham of an election. A lot of hope was placed on Obi who was a major beneficiary of the tenets of democracy but turned around and tramppled on democracy.

    Using federal funds meant for specific local Governments to develop areas of the Governor’s choice is nothing less than stealing from people the money was meant for. It is criminal and will have legal consequencies. Non-conduct of local Government elections really tarnishes any good work Obi did in Anambra State …not minding the money he is dolling out now to the faith community and schools. He should not conduct any local Government election. He should just go. Let the next Governor do that. He took away my constitutional right to elect the Local Government Chairperson and councilors of my area. He trampled on democracy and on the rights of the people who fought for him to regain his mandate, Anambra people. He lost my respect.


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