The Irony Of The Singing Senator – By Clayton Udoh



Make no mistake about it history has shown one thing. Whatever you accept as the norm will be used on you too someday; directly or indirectly. Advanced societies know this and hence are very careful about what they accept as the “norm”.

Firstly, let the story of Maximilien Robespierre in the French Revolution be a lesson to us all. That the strong man who supported the framing of people and false accusations of brethren and the open act of putting people to shame publicly and would do anything to take as many people as possible to the guillotine, one day had his head resting on the steel platform of the same instrument he thought was good for all that refused to follow his lead and his head was severed from his body and went flying into the famous basket.

Secondly, it does not matter how many people support a system. When it is time nature must return all things to true equilibrium. There is power in numberswhen people are doing the right thingand not when people are dedicated to evil for the sake of relevance. If we are talking about numbers, the USSR would not have collapsed or Assad in Syria would not have problems etc etc. If we are talking about numbers, Al-Qaeda and its sympathizers would have succeeded in creating the ultimate chaos on earth. Islam is one billion people strong and we refuse to be executed by them for not following their lead and the story goes on and on. So the number of people identifying with a trend has nothing to do with the issue of that trend being acceptable to God. Whole nations have been condemned based on this.

That being said, we come to the scenario of the singing Senator. When faced with certain death we famously had members of the Italian mafia run to the police for protection. In the process, trying to do anything to survive, they began to “sing” (colloquial Mafia English meaning “releasing all secrets of the trade”).

In the end of the story it would have been better if they had nothing to do with the Cosa Nostra (Mafia) in the first place. The Senator in question cannot say this is the first time that he has heard about death squads or whatever other version of doom he is singing about. The problem was that he was a part of the system.

Yes we have heard all the stupid excuses, I have never kidnapped a person in my life or I have never killed a person in my life or I have no knowledge of what you are talking about. The fact remains that ignorance is not a substitute for innocence and silence is an approval of what you have witnessed.

Yes Ladies and gentlemen only the act of the Good Samaritan is recorded the rest is condemned with their silence and attempts to avoid the situation, be you Levite, be you Clergy.

A few hours ago, AIDN issued a statement condemning the singing Senator, a man for exercising his right to free speech. You would think that all the cultural and societal principles people in Diapsora are enjoying, is what they would bring into the home front. The opposite is the case.

Diaspora is enjoying free and fair elections in their society and the right to truly challenge a candidate even if he or she is an incumbent. Diaspora is enjoying a society that can offer jobs to the populace without spin and aggression being exhibited to people questioning the status quo. Diaspora is enjoying a society in which people are not blackmailed and framed with false accusations with extreme attempts at Character Assassination for questioning government. Diaspora is enjoying a society in which you do not have to constantly look over your shoulders or have two or three policemen following you brandishing weapons like in a war torn society. Diaspora is enjoying a society in which you are allowed freedom of speech.

Diaspora knows that the Twenty Million people in Akwa Abasi Ibom State cannot be sustained by the present system in which if you are close to government; your luck. If you are not; find your way. Then members of Diaspora always win because they end up being close to government when the executives fly into the USA and other countries of Diaspora.

Diaspora is paying cheaper prices for goods and services in all realms of the society and are enjoying amenities that are not tied up in bureaucracy and red tape. Most of all, Diaspora are enjoying the greatest currency of all; a society in which hope and dreams can be achieved and sustained without praise singing and with a true measure of independence.

Then if Diaspora is enjoying all these things over here, why do they try to impose the opposite on the home front? The simple answer is greed.

The new dream of Diaspora is to be called for government and have two salaries. Your job and what you are paid for as an SSA or PA then you remain in the USA and UK and fly into Uyo like a king or queen every now and then. This is seen among an increasingly large and expanding number of individuals in Diaspora that have no means of survival over here. Hence the very thing people back home are suffering about is what Diaspora will support. A perceived “clever” way of climbing the ladder, so that they may not offend the powers that be. Even, in extreme cases, that is so glaring that you would think Diaspora would say a word, they will say the opposite or remain silent.

So the singing Senator will be chased by Diaspora across town, so as to please a certain individual even if the situation calls for a man to have the right to speak his mind and let us individually measure if this man is really the clown they are trying to make him now. No zoning right ? Then you wonder if this position was “zoned” to the Governor !!!! The truth remains that Diaspora has betrayed itself and for people who are informed we will never be respected by the Homefront who it seems now know better than us. Make no mistake about it, if you are led by your stomach just like a goat you will be in the bush all day long and like a lion you will attack anything you perceive is threatening your food source. However like the Master said,” Man shall not live by bread alone”.

People will say there he goes after AIDN and my answer is no ! Checkout the scenario.

Governor Akpabio says he must go for senate. Senator Etok says, “There is no vacancy”! Governor’s reply should have been, “we shall meet at the polls”. End of story.

Rather the story goes this way. You have insulted Governor, then Senator replies, “based on my perceived challenge I will be killed in seven days”. AIDN jumps in and ask Diaspora to pick their knives, swords and machetes because their new target is the singing Senator. When you look very carefully is that how we do politics in the USA and UK ? The simple cure for now is that the populace of Akwa Abasi Ibom State should wash their hands off Diaspora and organizations that claim to represent it because they have compromised themselves in ways that it will take whole generations to repair the damage that has been created. Also God forbid that our children that are foreign trained should believe that this is the way to go about it. Make no mistake that those who called for the Knives, Swords, Pitchforks, Character Assassination and all other tools of the trade for the French Revolution were also consumed by the revolution themselves.

The new norm being enhanced by Diaspora is already being used here in the USA and UK against American citizens and foreign nationals. Directly and indirectly every one of us will be affected by the new norm we are creating. People have been attacked and harassed and blackmailed in the forums in Diaspora for their free speech. Families have been dragged into forays that they should have been off limits and people’s wives, in-laws, children and loved ones have been attacked consistently and routinely. Make no mistakes the attacks are sponsored and the truth must come to the light. People’s reasoning in Diaspora is that I am part of the KGB or the homefront mafia so I am safe. Sorry there is no safe way to play with a snake. It is only a matter of time this will come to the attention of the host government of these countries and people will sit up. America, UK and whatever government it is will sit up one day and it will be hard to deny that you were not a part of that organization on that day. One good thing about the United States and other countries in Diaspora is that one day the cyber terrorism against American nationals and citizens will be exposed. America always has the last laugh.

Go and ask all the Nigerian guys involved in the Medicare and medical fraud or credit card fraud in the USA what happened when the USA sat up.

So much for the Singing Senator and his new found fear of a system he was part and privy to. So much for a Diaspora that has decided to be led into a pathway that will one day collapse because it violates the very rights of human existence.

The verdict is in, Akwa Ibom State must change from within and this will be the challenge of the century with the schools of thought existing in this part of the world. The overthrowing of the idea of “Oga On The Top” to all other forms of slave mentality as exhibited and even enforced by elements in Diaspora themselves, will need a miracle from the Almighty God. Let the singing senator and frowning governor sheath their swords and go to the poll.


Clayton Udoh writes from Mesa, Arizona.



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