Press Statement: Governor Yero; Where Lies The Peace Amidst Continued Genocide In Southern Kaduna?



Some weeks back, Kaduna state governor, Mukhtar Ramalan Yero embarked on a so-called peace and reconciliatory venture where he held meetings with Traditional/Religious leaders, Elder-States men/women, Political stake-holders, women and youth groups from the Southern and Northern Senatorial District, with that of the Central Senatorial district still pending.

Coming on the heels of the governor’s refusal to receive the report of the 70 man Kaduna state peace and reconciliation committee set up by our late governor Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa, it amazes any right thinking person what the zonal meetings aims to achieve that was not done by the peace and reconciliatory committee.

After spending millions of naira of tax payers’ money on the peace and reconciliation committee, it is sad that governor Yero is throwing away the good intention of governor Patrick Yakowa in setting up the committee. It is very sad that governor Yero is allowing the leaders of JNI and his close family relations to influence him to ensure that the report does not see the light of the day and that was exactly what played out at government house on the day of the submission of the report. Despite the fact that the governor gave a one week grace for the committee to re-present the report, it is now 8 weeks and it all but seem the report is dead and buried, despite having the following as members; Wazirin Zazzau, Alhaji  Ibrahim Aminu,  the Wazirin Birnin Gwari, Alhaji Abdulkadir Jibril,  the CAN  chairman, Dr. Sam K. Kujiyet, Mr  Nuhu Bajoga (now state Deputy Governor),  Alhaji Sule Buba, Sen. Babale Maikarfi, Sen. Zego  Azeez  and  Maj-Gen. Zamani Lekwot rtd, amongst other prominent personalities

The Kangaroo meeting at Zonal levels is a ploy to divert attention from the peace/reconciliatory committee report and embark on another jamboree spree in the name of reconciliation. The composition of who to attend were handled by Local government chairmen who in collaboration with the governor hand-picked only loyalists that would not embarrass the governor with frank and sincere questions. Is governor Mukhtar Yero saying that he was in the area to “reconcile” his party leaders, traditional rulers, religious leaders and a few youth and women who are well known for singing the praises of government?

Meanwhile, Fulani herdsmen and other gangs of gunmen from the far northern states have continue to unleash terror by attacking, maiming, killing, burning and desecrating the Southern Kaduna land and people and driving our poor and unarmed people into refugee camps.

Those of us who attended the meetings of the peace and reconciliation committee held in all the local government areas, and the public hearing at Gen. Hassan Usman Katsina House, Kaduna realized that the senior and distinguished citizens who were on that committee were serious to get to the bottom of the problem causing lack of peace and security in Kaduna State. It is glaring that governor Mukhtar’s refusal to accept the committee’s report is a deliberate ploy to avoid the recommendations of the report of the peace and reconciliation committee.

The committee’s mandate is to advise government on issues of peace and unity with the aim of achieving full reconciliation and communal harmony in the state and on any issue that will assist to give lasting peace and enhance the unity and development of the state.  It is our suspicion that governor Mukhtar Yero is following the whims and caprices of JNI and his relations in Zaria city t rubbish the efforts of the peace and reconciliation committee set up by late Patrick Yakowa.

Governor Yero told the whole world that he will continue with the laudable programs of our late amiable governor, Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa, but to the amazement of everyone, he is not matching his words with action. He has been saying that security is his most important agenda, and he has refused to receive the report of the peace committee that took a whole year to complete their work.

We hereby state that as a matter of urgency and in the interest of genuine peace and reconciliation of the people of Kaduna state and the Country in general, we urge governor Yero to without further delay, demonstrate his sincerity of purpose by inviting the committee to submit its report to government. After collecting the report of the committee, the governor should peruse through the issues raised and ensure that justice and fairness is applied to the letter.

We passionately appeal to the United Nations and the international War Crime Tribunal to investigate the serial and continuous killings/genocide going on in Southern Kaduna by Fulani gunmen and help bring them to justice since there is a deliberate attempt the shield the masterminds of these dastardly and brutal acts by the powers that be .



Caleb Samuel Abbott

National President



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