Press Release: HFN Crisis: Handball Veterans vow to fight on


Following the sudden appearance of Sports Minister Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi and Director of Sports Bolaji Ojo-Oba in the weekly training meeting of Mega Handball Veterans in Abuja today to broker peace in the prevailing crisis rocking Handball Federation of Nigeria, the Handball Veterans have vowed to fight on.

Rising from a caucus meeting earlier today, the executive members of the organization queried the rationale behind National Sports Commission going contrary to the Election Guidelines they brought out only for them to call for negotiation after the election.

In a six point communiqué release after the meeting, they agreed to fight on in order to restore handball to its desired position in the perking order of sports in the country.

The communiqué further shows that the veterans have hired the services of some Senior Advocates of Nigeria to prosecute the case they have brought before Federal High Court Abuja and have also contributed funds worth millions of Naira for the project they said it’s meant to restructure handball in Nigeria and place it to its envious  position.

Speaking to journalist immediately after the meeting, an executive member of Handball Veterans, Jonathan Elendu said that decries the impunity with which public office holders go against the rules they are expected to protect saying that he expected the National Sports Commission to immediately cancel the process and follow the guidelines religiously to its logical conclusion.

“We are not asking for anything extra- ordinary. We just want the right thing to be done”, he concluded.

The National Coordinator of Mega Handball Veterans further advised the National Sports Commission to listen to the voice of reason so that the game of handball will develop in the country.

The court case between the two bodies is expected to come up on Thursday next week in Federal High Court Abuja.


John Udonsa

Media Relation



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