President Jonathan snubs Gov Kwankwaso

President Jonathan arriving Kano with Gov Kwankwaso
President Jonathan arriving Kano with Gov Kwankwaso

The political troubles of the embattled governor of Kano State, Governor Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso may have turned a new unpleasant corner as the political merry go round of the presidential race against 2015 draws near. Information available to indicates that the relationship between the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan and the Governor of Kano State may have soiled beyond repair.

As gathered, the Governor of Kano State, Malam Kwankwaso had traveled from Kano to Abuja to visit with the President at the Presidential villa. Upon arrival to the Presidential villa, the Governor was said to have made his presence known to the protocol officers of the President – who previously would inform the President of the governor’s presence – and then – within minutes, the governor would be allowed in to see the President. But the governor’s visit – this time around – saw a different mood and/or reaction from the President. As the protocol officers of Mr. President informed the President of Kwankwaso’s presence, the President was said to redirect Kwankwaso to his vice. Kwankwaso was told to see the vice president, Arc Namadi Sambo instead. Kwankwaso made efforts to reach the President – impressing on the protocol team of the sensitive nature of his visit – but Mr. President held firm on his stand – that he should go to Vice President with his sensitive issue.

A competent source who spoke to explained the snubbing of the Kano State governor as uncharacteristic of the President. The source attributed the action to recent activities of the Kano State governor – which are believed to undermine the administration of the President.

Among the list of actions to undermine the president include the recent attacks by the Kano governor on the President – claiming that the President’s intimate relationship with the federal minister of aviation, Stella Odua had blinded and/or sedated the President into not being able to call the Minister to order. Gov. Kwankwaso alleged that Odua had taken the decision of redirecting an airline company [Emirate Airways] from setting up  its headquarters in Kano – to her geopolitical zone in the south east – Enugu State.

However cursory investigation conducted by revealed that the relocation of the said citing of the head office Emirates Airways had to do with Gov. Kwankwaso decision to convert the area earmarked for the head office in Kano – to a secondary school.

The head office for the Emirate Airways was to be originally cited in the Kofa Nasarawa area of Kano to operate domestic flight operations. Prior to the set up of the office, the managers of Emirate Airways had given the Kano State government – [Shekarau’s administration] the condition that a 5star hotel must be erected near the cite to house their flight attendants, pilots and other transient staff.   The Shekarau administration then began preliminary designs to enable costing and other feasibility studies – and the cost of 5star hotel was pegged at a little over $3billion. A wealthy Kuwaiti businessman was approached – who agreed to erect the 5 star hotel.  But the agreement did not hold – owing to the arrival of the Kwankwaso administration – who reclined the decision – and decision to cite a secondary school at the would-be cite.

Meanwhile, Kwankwaso is said to have abstained virtually all meeting where President Jonathan is presiding. It is not certain why Kwankwaso refuses to attend any meeting that would have the President presiding. A source in Kano point to a lack of respect for the person occupying the seat of president as the principal cause for Kwankwaso’s attitude towards the president.


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  1. It is even good even Jonathan should snub Kwankwaso. Because it will boost Kwankwaso’s political profile the more. Moreover, the governor doesn’t need the president, as heis contented with steering the most populous state in the ountry and not any one horse state that the president came from. The governor should just be petient, a time will come when he’ll have the last and the best laugh.

  2. All we need was Mr Kwankwaso to be matured enough so that his inflated projects contineous. Now where is the essence of his arrogance? Who’s lost? And now who’s the master?

  3. My problem with Jonathan is “he never have good method of tackling things”. Always looking dull.

  4. Kelvin Achokwu is a regional fanatic.well,had if been he knw the outbringing of Nigeria he ‘ll never condem the North.

  5. To hell GEJ, day in day out kwankwaso remain the choice of nija people and we people of kanowe are satisfy with his mode of governance, the SS shld start thinkin of d so cal which we are very much ready as for d treat of kuku,Dakubo,and clark we are waitin. 2015 no any bastart hv any monopoly of violance. bunch of useless people.Jonathon leave kwankwaso along.


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