ACN condemns Obi’s battle against democracy



The ignoble role that Mr Peter Ob Governor of Anambra State is playing in the aftermath of the elections conducted for the 36-member Nigerian Governors Forum on May 24, 2013 with Gov Chibuike Amaechi emerging victorious- with 19 votes against 16 by his opponent-is not bringing honour to Anambra State.

Rather it is bringing odium to a state struggling to place herself on the positive side of events.

This role which the helmsman of our state has carved out for himself along with 15 other governors in rebelling without cause against an election which video evidence has become an loud index of every computer and telephone screen without any counterweight, is largely undemocratic and has an organic link with the fact that Governor Obi throughout his ending tenure refused to enthrone democracy where it matters most-Local government.

While this undemocratic role is disappointing to say the least, it is understandable in that it brings together governors who are in charge of 16 states without necessarily winning any free and fair elections.

It is this credential that has made the governors not completely in charge of the views they canvass and the opinions they hold. Gov. Obi particularly said on National Television that a man who withdrew from the race is his successor as the Vice Chairman of Nigerian Governors’ Forum.

Governor Obi derived his mandate is 2010 in a manner that derides democracy and thereafter the rule of law. Cases arising from that misadventure have not been fully settled. Jonah Jang of Plateau State was beaten by a woman on the ground, but is ‘ruling by ight’knows. The caricature of Akwa Ibom elections in which Akpabio simply ‘enforced victory’ over the more popular Akpan Udoedehe of our great party has been decide by 180 days time limit. The Benue State story of Gabriel Suswam, roundly defeated by the candidate is known to all. The issues around Mimiko’s brand of rigging in Ondo have not been settled. Bayelsa state elections was sealed and delivered from outside the state.We can go on, but these are the main dramatis personae in the latest assault on democracy from unexpected high quarters

The signs are ominous for  a nation that expects to hold yet another decisive national elections in 24 months for which the build –up has started as all Nigerians should by now be on the same page in terms of the definition of democracy and elections.

At ACN, our view of democracy does not translate to confuse pre-election endorsement outcomes with polling results and post-election conduct.

For Anambra State it is particularly more critical because the state is less that six months into it gubernatorial elections. It is therefore a wrong signal to all on the possibility  that Gov Obi could employ an unholy alliance to controvert the results of the coming elections in Anambra State when his position, as expected does not prevail.

Gov Obi has characteristically emplaced some unilateral conditions for determining his successor and the generality of the state have overwhelmingly rejected those conditions, particularly as they relate to primordial sentiments.

Not long ago Obi opposed to the independent of the State House of Assembly and the Local governments in a public session leading to the amendment of the federal constitution and the people roundly voted to make the governor a loser.

At the moment Governor Obi is in a mazy manipulation of the court process with his allies suing him to railroad the local government elections earlier mentioned, as an alibi to keep the funds of the local governments at the centre and govern in a unitary manner and the whole state is largely opposed to that. Local government elections has expectedly taken a dominant palce in the campaign issues for Anambra 2014.

Therefore Obi has a consistent undemocratic credential which is in tandem with the way he came to power in the state and the point is not lost on Anambra citizens who are already so familiar with his antics.

However, to advertise nationally these credentials that no public official in Nigeria or any where in the world should be happy to be identified with is to put the aggregate image of the state in jeopardy and it should be largely unacceptable to the good people of our dear state who would rather build goodwill Into their name for purposes of advancing the economic course of the state through Nigerian-wide and world-wide investments.

The bad press coming out of Obi undemocratic actions standing against this noble aspiration of the state irrespective of whatever temporary electoral alliances he is carving out to cover his political ambition.

ACN,Anambra State chapter hereby demands that Governor Obi should save the state this avoidable embarrassment, and avoid the wrath of irritated ,long-suffering citizens of Anambra State ,as we invite the Anambra State House of Assembly to take due cognisance of our nose-diving image as a state, tied to these ignoble actions..



Okelo Madukaife

State Publicity Secretary



  1. Does it mean that this OKELO has problem with his senses ?,we do not have any party called ACN,they sold that name to AWUSA and today after they emerged ,they collapsed the name called ACN .So his office as former publicity secretary secretary of ACN has being erased .He no longer have a functional position on the merger called APC,therefore he cannot speak for any political party


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