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Prophet Nabi Oluwatomisinolorundaougbebiehuwaojomo of Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa Parish, Wasimi, Celestial Church of Christ is reputed for his accurate prophecies. The prophet of God has many prophecies to his credit. He predicted about the death of former president Umar Yar’Adua, Boko Haram, etc. Three years ago, he predicted the upsurge of Boko Haram attacks in the federal Capital territory, Abuja. Though unsung, Prophet Nabi is revered by those who know him and celebrated by many he has touched their lives in the course of his ecclesiastical assignment. In this interview with Emeka Umejei, Prophet Nabi speaks on Boko Haram Attacks and the prevailing security situation in the country. In his prophetic pronouncements, Prophet Nabi warns of more attacks in the country, but cautioned that the country needs to pray for peace. The Excerpts

Tell us how you were called into the vineyard of the Lord as a prophet

Like any other prophets, there is always a calling.  My calling came in my final year as a Philosophy student of Ogun state University. I was in a vision where heaven was opened, and I saw the throne of almighty God with four creatures seated around the throne. That was when I had the vision that this is the end time and God is sending me on end time message to the word. Revelation chapter 4, John said he had a vision where he saw the throne of the end time and that was what I saw: I saw the emerald and Jehovah almighty on his throne. He mandated to reach out to the whole world and revealed what will happen at the end of the world to me. Specifically, I received the vision on October 19, 2000, and since that encounter, I did not go back to school to conclude my studies but God has been faithful.

You have always talked about a book of prophecy you gave to former president Olusegun Obasanjo, what is it all about.

Every nation has their own book, and every individual has their own book too. There is a book to every nation. Everything I saw about Nigeria was what I compiled in that book: it is a book of prophesy on Nigeria. It entails what will happen in Nigeria. I predicted in the book over a decade ago that Boko Haram will spring up and many people are witnesses to it. Even before the death of Yar’Adua, I prophesied to the whole world that he will become the president but will not last. Even our president Goodluck Jonathan is a will of God for the nation for him to rule as President but we should pray for him so that he will end his tenure because I saw a sudden attack and a serious sickness upon him. The throne of Nigeria is very unique. On the coat arms of Nigeria, you will see horse and Eagle; you cannot see it on any other countries coat of arm. Horse is divine, eagle is divine. That is why the justice of God must prevail in Nigeria. I have a vision that the end time of coming of Christ to this world will take place in Nigeria and the Jerusalem that the whole world is awaiting is coming through Nigeria. This is the reason the country is facing all these upheavals because it is not a place of any one person but a seat of the throne of the almighty God. That is the reason you see great men of God in this country. The truth remains that if any country on earth faces the kind of challenges Nigeria is facing, such a country cannot survive. Nigeria is a great nation

What do you think Nigeria should do about the Boko Haram Menace?

The theme of my coming to Abuja is Prayer is the key; there have always been threats in the history of the world. There has been Pharaoh, Goliath and God subdued them. So, this is our experience of that threat but we shall surely overcome. But what I want to tell Nigerians is that there is need for all the Christian community to gather in truth to pray, irrespective of denomination. I saw a national revival happening in Abuja. If that should come to pass, it will put upon this nation a light that will remove the darkness. On Boko Haram, I saw sovereign national conference, Nigerians must come to talk and if we don’t seat down to talk, more problems will come up in this country. There must be a conference where everybody must seat down and talk. Everybody is boiling; the whole nation is on the precipice, so we should not let it collapse before we sat down to talk.

Three years ago, you predicted the upsurge of Boko Haram attacks in FCT,Abuja. However, beyond the FCT, Nigeria has been under immense attacks from the outlawed sect, do you think the attacks will abate

The bible verse I read this morning Job 19, where Job was crying to God on the essence of his sufferings, and God told him that until he identifies that it is not a calamity but a temptation. When you see your sufferings as temptation, you overcome it, but when you see it as calamity, the solution may be long in coming: temptation belongs to God and there is always a way out. What I can tell you for now, is that I see more of Boko Haram attacks, not only in the north but in the north central, including the federal capital Abuja and other parts of the country. Where ever you see suicide bombings, it means it has become war, not just political or religious issue: it is totally war but I pray that in our time, there won’t war in this country in Jesus mighty name. In our father’s time there was no war, and there won’t be war in our time.

Your know to have predicted the upsurge in Boko Haram Attacks in the country, How do you think Nigeria can solve this problem and enjoy peace

I once said in my last interview that the upsurge/and crises will remain and even more deadly beyond imagination. And I repeat, the crises doesn’t emanated from Nigeria but what I called (A GLOBAL DISASTER)which the Almighty Jehovah told in Oct 19,2001 that it’s the coming of the (THIRD WORLD WAR). Very much eminent.   Nigeria can’t solve this problem that affects the globe in which she is part of, except a global solution takes place. I refer back to history of first and Second World War. It took the intervention of God in his creative manner to put an end to Second World War by the eclipse of the moon that trembled every global and war forces. More importantly the demise of Adolf Hitler and his allied. Nigeria as a determinant factor of global peace should learn from history and act accordingly. We must all call for repentance as a nation in this centenary period and follow the law of Jubilee forgiveness.

The political terrain is already on the heat, what is your message for politicians already angling for 2015 presidential election

For politicians already analysing for 2015, politicians must learn also from history as well. I mean the Amalgamation of the nation (independence) military and democratic precedence of this Great Nation NIGERIA. 2015 denotes one hundred and one year after Amalgamation which means the beginning of the new Nigeria.( Proverb the old shall go and the new shall arise). Warning: The politicians must not force them to power except “the Divine”.

Do you think President Jonathan will be re-elected?

We must not continually to heat the already heated political terrain of our nation through predictions and prophecies. My last interview, I once said that Jonathan shall be re-elected after the death of the late Musa Yar’adua. But don’t forget that I still told him, president Goodluck Jonathan must pray to enable him fulfil his four year era.

What is your message for Nigerians in 2013?

My message for Nigerians in 2013 is that every citizen must imbibe what i call (A NATIONAL CONCIOUSNESS) through a NATIONAL CONFERENCE. To discuss the amalgamation of independence, military and democratic dispensation of the nation to fine tune a NEW ERA in Nigeria. Internally, the nation must pray and watch fervently for water flood which was not occurred in the history of life, not only Nigeria but global flood.

Nigerians are known all over the word as a country of great men of God, why do you think the country is witnessing great evil in every ramification?

Unlike my fatherly story I once told this nation, Great God, Great nation, Great people and Great problems. Nigeria is facing great evil according to this question because great thing is about to happen in Nigeria. The salvation of the word evil come through Nigeria is Biblical/Quranical nation that is hidden.” NILE AREA”.

What is the way forward for Nigeria

The way forward for Nigeria is to admit the past and to promote Nigeria. How? By inculcating the “JUBILEE DOCTRINE” all hand must be on the desk for repentance and forgiveness most especially at this lent period.





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