Reflection On Ifeanyi Ubah’s Ambition Over Anambra Governorship Race/By Ugochukwu Favour-Mayor


Whenever a productive leader is on the seat of power, tremendous achievements and giant strides that will stand for a very long time are expected to be an inclusive to his name. And when credibility and fairness comes in, the people out of being in the euphoria of already-can-see project calls for more: meaning an automatic ticket to the aspirer.

This came to reality when a pressure group known as, Anambra State Youth Democratic Assembly (AYDA) issued out a press release passing a vote of confidence on the Chairman Capital oil and gas, Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah, calling on him to contest for the Anambra governorship seat comes 2014.

According to the group’s president, Hon. Eddie Orizu, who commended the oil merchant for providing his people with good representations, empowerment and making them feel the breath of fresh air, within his small business enterprise.

Also, Orizu added that the Nnewi son had been able to manage crises in the area, especially in the affairs of settling many communal problems in the State; which according to him have stopped the destruction of lives and properties amongst the citizens.

For the young Ubah, performing is simply an understatement for him. In his zone, even the blind could see. In terms of empowerment, he is effectively and strategically endowed with humane and charitable heart.

It is a moot issue whether leaders are born or created but one thing is clear that there are certain character traits which help an individual to become a great leader. You might stand the chance to govern, and lots of question will be going up your head: What are the characteristics of a good leader? Where should you start if you want to be a good leader?

What are the most important qualities of a good leader? For Ifeanyi Patrick Ubah, he has a very vast experience for leadership. Even his successful and well managed business could attest to it, because of his rich knowledge on strategic leadership and implementation.

Dynamically, Ubah is one leader or business man who has the capability to see what is good or bad for his people in the long run. He approaches a problem in a holistic manner and never believes himself as being different from others. And I think that is the overall reason why he has got a large base of followers, who are also his citizens of Anambra State.


At times, people wonder how Ubah have been able to gain a large base of followers, but what they easily forget is that a leader must have an honest understanding of who he is, what he knows, and what he can do. Also, note that it is the followers, not the leader or someone else who determines if the leader is successful. If they do not trust or lack confidence in their leader, then they will be uninspired to follow the person. To be successful you have to convince your followers, not yourself or your superiors that you are worthy of being followed.

However, having won the heart of his people, much better we can hear the people clamouring for him to venture into politics, so to enable him wax well in terms of human empowerment. The question might be how Ubah is going to carry the people’s responsibility again if offered the mandate to govern the State, a position which is higher and more advanced to the one he presently occupies? I think that shouldn’t be a big issue, because the little which was entrusted under his care has shown that he is and will be able to function well on any position. Besides, the people’s voice is the voice of God. On this note, what Ubah should particularly focus his eyes on, should be on enlarging and widening his hands of followership with the people in and outside his State.

No matter leadership has turned to something else in Nigeria. It is also quite unfortunate that leadership in this country is loosing values everyday, because we now have politicians as our rulers and representatives. These so-called politicians who have betrayed the people’s trust have taking over positions meant for true leaders. With what is happening in our political system today, one would rightfully agree that these same politicians are only committed on getting the interests of the poor masses for the next election and not to impact their lives positively.

Periodically, one would agree with me that whenever election is around the corner that is exactly when these set of politicians would be running around to set up one empowerment programmes or the other, which ultimately would not only last for a period of time. And such programmes are more likely to be situated during the electioneering period alone. It is also disheartening that whenever they succeed in getting the people’s mandate, they will be nowhere to be found.

Specifically, these are pure politicians who care only on looting the public treasury under their care. Most at times, some of them who are power hungry wouldn’t mind going the extra mile to make their aspirations and ambition a reality. Vividly, I could remember one of them in Imo who once was a good friend and patronize of Akara (pancake) and corn sellers. I think he did that to present himself as a humble leader, as today, he no longer buy or patronize those of them on the streets again. How about the one this same person did when he rode on motor tricycle (keke napep)? Today, all is now history.

Back to the subject, Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah who is a simple man any day and any time.  A simple, vibrant and pragmatic gentleman, whose good record speaks volume of him. He is known for many titles, yes, but he is totally different among his peers who are also wealthy with money to buy many traditional titles. I call him an urban politician, as he got his political experience and acumen from constituency politicking.


The belief that leaders have the endless stamina, ideas, and skills it takes to deliver success year after year is a fallacy of the past. Thus, resilience, the ability to bounce back, cope, renew, and revitalize, has become a key watchword for today’s savvy leaders. Learning to be resilient is a full-time job, which never stops. If leaders are to enjoy continued success, today’s leaders must understand two related issues with regards to resilience.

First, passion for excellence can take them only so far; leaders will burn out if their physical, emotional and mental limitations are ignored. In our society today, 90% of leaders were let go due to physical or mental conditions that impaired their leadership effectiveness. Second, organization changes plan without consideration for the impact on the human condition, will not only cause current leadership to falter, but they will also cause the next crop of leaders to be inefficient and ultimately everyone will suffer.

Practically, Ubah understands these key points of leadership as a serving leader he is. He knows that resilience is woven through self assessment, evaluation and coaching. He understands personal mastery, awareness, emotional intelligence and wellbeing as elements of resilience as being part of an underlying support structure for successful leadership development, coaching, and growth.

Again, he knows that personal mastery in leadership would open his eyes into knowing his own strengths and limitations. In addition, it will also make him know who is in his network complement his capabilities, thus enabling him to be a more masterful leader through teamwork and formidable communication with his constituents. Secondly, he knows that the role of awareness is to make him understand the context of the challenges he will face and to know what resources he will need to build and sustain the required solutions; which to me I think comes from experiential learning, consciousness about the degree of change required, and empathy. Self-awareness is realizing what you are experiencing and responding in kind with both body and mind.

Thirdly, he realizes that emotional intelligence as one of the key factors of effective leadership, it will enable him know the personal impact he has on others, and that also makes him to understand how that connection creates and maintains relationship for influencing and leading with authentic character and intent. Already we know that emotional intelligence when used with awareness increases effectiveness and credibility. Lastly, in order to achieve and engage work and life at all levels possible, leaders who aim to be like Ubah must strive to maintain optimal physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual well-being. For Ifeanyi Patrick Ubah, I think the Anambra race would let him know his abilities, and even how well the people of the State love him.



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