Press Release: Re-Northerners Own 83% Of Oil Blocs.


The attention of Arewa Consultative Forum has been drawn to the allegations on the floor of the Senate that 83% of oil blocs is owned by northerners; and that there should be application of federal character in the allocation of oil blocs.

Given the important constitutional provisions that access to all national resources be equitable and conform with provisions for federal character, ACF wishes to appeal to the National Assembly to investigate the allegations and publish the distribution of oil blocs according to state together with their volume and from which dates. Or the federal government should institute a commission of enquiries to establish the veracity or otherwise of such allegations.

ACF is alarmed by the allegations because it is not long ago that the Forbes magazine said eleven Nigerians are now on the list, and that all of them-except Dangote who is a manufacturer-owe their riches to oil. The North had fewer of the rich Nigerians on the list than the South.
We believe knowledge of the correct position of things will help in improving the equitable management of oil blocs in accordance with provisions of the federal character for performance and public good.

Anthony N Z Sani,

National Publicity Secretary,




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