Press Release: Ban On Indiscriminate And Unlawful Use Of Tinted Glasses Still In Force



  • Defaulters To Be Dealt With According To The Law

The Inspector-General of Police, IGP MD Abubakar, CFR, NPM, mni, has observed with grave concern, the alarming abuse and unlawful use of tinted glasses and the plying on our highways of unregistered/unlicensed vehicles by some vehicle owners across the country, despite repeated warnings by the Police authority. This unbecoming attitude has the capacity, not only to heighten criminal activities, but to place unnecessary pressure on security agencies and law abiding citizens.

In view of the potential danger posed by the indiscriminate use of tinted glasses and unregistered/unlicensed vehicles, corroborated by recent security reports that criminal elements, including suspected terrorists, now hide under the cover of the use of the afore mentioned types of vehicles, tricycles and motorcycles to execute their nefarious trade, the IGP wishes to remind Nigerians from all walks of life, including politicians, military and security personnel, that the ban on unlawful and indiscriminate use of tinted glasses and legislations forbidding the plying of unregistered vehicles on our highways, are still very much in force.

The IGP, in the light of several negative security implications associated with this unrestrained infringement on relevant laws on the use of tinted glasses and unregistered/unlicensed vehicles, has directed all Zonal AIGs and State Command Commissioners of Police to arrest and bring to book, in line with extant laws, all defaulters. He wishes to clearly state that the Nigeria Police Force will no longer tolerate the habit of few misguided Nigerians who wantonly abuse the use of tinted glasses and unregistered/unlicensed vehicles, thereby complicating the challenge of effectively policing the country and equally endangering the lives and property of law abiding citizens.

It is the strong advice of the IGP that all persons having vehicles still unlawfully fitted with tinted glasses, to remove them immediately.  Similarly, owners of unregistered/unlicensed vehicles are advised to immediately register them and obtain appropriate licenses or withdraw them forthwith from public roads; as police Officers nationwide have been directed to commence a massive operation aimed at enforcing all existing laws bordering on tinted glasses and the use of unregistered/unlicensed vehicles.

The IGP wishes to reassure the public that the Nigeria Police is committed to its constitutional and lawful responsibilities of providing security for the citizenry. Citizens are however, reminded of their civic obligation of obeying all laws of the State. They are further advised to act and conduct themselves within the ambit of the law and to continue to support and assist the Police and other security agencies in their efforts to safeguard the country.









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