Extra Judicial Killing: Another Mystery Corpse in Anambra, Police Fingered


Late Chimaobi Okoye
Cover Page of the Petition –

The corpse of Chimaobi Okoye [Aged 22] was recovered by the father last week and deposited at the morgue located near the Nnewi Teaching Hospital, Anambra. As 247ureports.com gathered, the late Chimaobi Okoye was shot dead by the police in Anambra State on February 2013 and dumped at the Nnewi Teaching Hospital as John Doe.

Late Chimaobi Okoye hails from Obosi, Anambra State – and was a Architecture student at the Oko Federal Polytechnic .

Late Chimaobi Okoye was arrested by the police anti robbery squad [popularly referred to as SARS] on the second week of January 2013 over allegations of stealing a motorbike. Upon his arrest, he was brought into to the Ula, Ekwulobia SARS office in Aguata Local Government Area [LGA] where he was ‘interrogated’ and made to sign a pre-prepared statement.

A day following the ‘interrogation’ – the father to Chimaobi was alerted of the arrest – he paid his son a visit at the Ula Ekwulobia SAR Station. While talking to his son – he noticed heavy bruises and open wounds – which his son indicate were inflicted by the men of SARS – he also told his father that he was forced to append his signature on a pre-prepared statement.

After having met with his son, the father proceeded to discuss with men of SAR at the Ula Ekwulobia Station. In discussion with the officers –  it was made open that the late Chimaobi was arrest for the theft of a motorbike. The officers added that the robbery was not an armed robbery. They however requested from Late Chimaobi’s father the sum of N300,000 for ‘bail’ – to grant the release of his son – but the father told the officer that he had only N33,000 – and that he needed more time to raise the requested amount.

When next the father came around, the next day, he was told his son had been moved to the SARS station at Awkuzu in Anambra State.

He never saw his son again alive. The SARS officers refused to disclose the whereabouts of his son. It took the courageous act of a civilian attacked to the SARS station to reveal to the father – that his son had been executed and dumped at the hospital in Nnewi. The civilian revealed that the corpse was dumped at the hospital – with the excuse that the prisoner was being transported from one station to the other – when he attempted to escape – and was shot – twice in the chest.

The Senator representing the Anambra Central Senatorial District – Dr. Chris Ngige is reported to have been briefed on the extra-judicial killing – and has promised to resolve the case – and bring the culprits to book. But nothing has come of the promise.

The chief spokesperson of the police force stationed in Anambra, Chukwuemeka Chukwuemeka in talking to 247ureports.com indicated that the situation is too dicey to authoritatively comment on. He indicated that more investigation would be required before the police release a statement on the matter. 

Meanwhile, the suspected SARS officers who did the shooting are reported to have gone missing – away from their station. None of the SARS officers were willing to open-up on the whereabouts of the SARS officers.

Below is the text copy of the petition sent to the Police Inspector General  – 


Under serious apprehension of the safety of my son [CHIMAOBI OKOYE] not being certain, I had made a passionate appeal on 5th February, 2013 to your good offices to direct that I be granted access to him.

The handling by the Commissioner’s office of your letter Ref. CZ.7050/IGP.SEC/ABJ/VOL.42/306 dated 7th February, 2013 addressed to the Commissioner of Police, State Headquarters, Awka, Anambra State have heightened my suspicion about my son’s safety. I wish therefore to state in details the issues concerning my son and his detention by State Anti Robbey Squad [SARS] Ekwuluobia since 17th January, 2013.

My son’s name is Chimaobi Olisaemeka Okoye, an ND 2 Architecture student of Federal Polytechnic Oko, AnambraState. He is aged twenty-two [22] years [birthday on 8th February, 2013].

I received a phone call from one man who identified himself as Aloy, an IPO in the case involving my son at Ekwelobia SARS Office, on Friday, 18 th January, 2013 at about 11.00 am. The call made from GSM number 08094767762 [which he claimed was his] asked me to report at their office because my son Chimaobi was arrested on a case of motorcycle snatching on the 17 th of January, 2013 with another person. Upon this information, I went to SARS station at Ekwulobia. When I got there at about 1.45 p.m., I called the IPO- Aloy on his mobile phone which he answered and came out to take me into their office.

He brought my son handcuffed with one other who identified himself as Chinwenwa Ogbazi also from Obosi. My son was in serious pains due to the beatings he said was by the police. His right knee he told me was fractured with gun booth, his right check was swollen with marks he said was from gun nuzzle, and also the right side of his body up to the chest has visibe signs of bruises. He told me they inflicted those injuries on him when he demanded that they should read out the charges they were forcing him to sign. This information he gave in the presence of two men of SARS Ekwulobia namely Aloy and Ben. With their permission, I bought food for the two accused and pain relieving drugs to mitigate the pains from a drug shop close by. I expressed my displeasure to Aloy and Ben for the dehumanizing treatment meted to the two suspects in their custody. The IPO in his words told me, and I quote “that they were luck that they were not armed with even a knife, otherwise they would have killed them”.

I became incensed and demanded to meet the Commander of the Station whom they told me his name is Olotu; but they said, he went to the hospital except if I could wait, I will see him. I waited until 5.50 p.m. exactly when I requested them to take me to the Commander, but they refused, instead the one known as Ben volunteered to go to consult him at the hospital to discuss condition for the suspects bail. He came back later around 6.40 p.m. and told me in the presence of Aloy – the IPO that his boss asked me to pay three hundred thousand Naira [#300,000.00]  to secure the release of both of them. I frowned, chastised them and told them I could not afford such money, but as it was getting late, I told them I will return the next day – 19th January, 2013 to meet the Commander in person. I encouraged my son and his co-accused to take heart and promised them I will return the following day, I even gave them money for feeding in the morning on the approval and presence of the two policemen. I must add that while I was waiting to see the Commander, I noticed from the distance a man shouting at the front of SARS Office Ekwulobia. One Lady SARS Operative who later gave her name as Nkechi from Awka was calming him down. The man whose features I noticed well later entered a bus which drove off from the premises. When later I requested the said Officer – Nkechi if she could help me contact the complainant in my son’s case, she told me it was the man she was talking to who just left. She further told me the man was asking that his motorcycle be released to him, and promised to connect us upon which we exchanged phone numbers.

When I arrived at the Ekwulobia Station at about 12.50pm on Saturday, 19th January, 2013, I met Aloy and Ben who told me that the Station Commander was on drip at the hospital and that upon receipt of a signal from SARS Anambra State Headquaters, Awkuzu; they have transferred the suspects there. I proceeded to Awkuzu where I met the Deputy Commander [known as 2i/c], Chief Joe alias “Ochiobodo” who asked me to repeat, the next morning, through a Sunday to enable him inquire. As I was leaving the Awkuzu Station at about 5.00pm I saw the IPO- Aloy and Ben going into the station with another man I recognized as the person who claimed his motorcycle was snatched. I confronted Aloy to explain to whom he handed my son, but he said it was against their procedure and they hurriedly went into SARS compound and refused to me me again.


On 20th January, 2013, I met the 2 i/c at the Awkuzu Station gate at 9.20am where he confided in me that he lives inside the statation and that they received the report about my son. He told me not to worry but to return in two weeks time. I protested and informed him of my son’s claimed innocence and the wounds that need to be properly treated; he drove off leaving me standing there.

The following day, I visited Awkuzu and started making enquiry about my son’s presence in any of their detention cells, but no one could give me any information. I repeated such visits for another three times, when one of the officers advised me to check other SARS satiations in Anambra State. This led me to Nnewi, Ihiala, Umunze, Awka, Otuocha and Onitsha SARS Offices, but I could not locate mt son. I returned to Ekwulobia SARS on Thursday, 24th January, 2013 when I was led to all the cells without finding my son. To my greatest surprise, I was told to enquiry that the IPO-Aloy and Ben have been transferred out of Ekwulobia on special duties. This disclosure heightened my apprehension and I then suspected that all may not be well with my son.

I went to Awkuzu to complain to 2 i/c – Chief Joe [Ochiobodo] who had earlier promised to assist me trace my son’s location, surprisingly; he started evading meeting with me. He gave me appointment to meet him three times but did not honour any, and he stopped picking my calls. I made several other attempts with a lawyer to see the SARS State Commander at Awkuzu – Mr. James Nwafor, but he reportedly turned down such requests and shunned us on the last attempt on Monday, 4th February, 2013. At the Station reception, I saw the Ben of Ekwulobia SARS, who on recognizing me flared up. The above attitude among others prompted my passionate appeal to the Inspector-eneral of Police on 5th February, 2013.

Now, having visited the office of the State Commissioner of Police at Awka three times with my Lawyer where his staff always turned us back on the excuse that he shall invite us when he wills; I suspect  it is the continuation of the same tactics not to produce my son. With waned confidence in Anambra State Police Command, I petition for your prompt intervention to release my son. The Commander, SARS Awkuzu – Mr. James Nwafor it was rumoured boasted to some women who came to see him in his office on Tuesday, 12th February, 2013 that “Chimaobi Okoye, who is a criminal was shot on 19th January, 2013 and he died on the way to Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi”. I could not believe the story as it remains a rumour which is yet to be confirmed. Furthermore, could it be that he ordered my son’s killing? If it were so, would they not have informed me?

From the foregoing, you can see the reason for my apprehension, and given the notoriety of extra-judicial murder by the men of SARS Police Anambra State, I fear for my son’s safety. If my son had committed any offence, I will not shield him from being tried in a court of Law and jailed if found guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction with a permissible time frame.

I am therefore praying that you use good offices to save my son from imminent danger as indicated by the behaviours of the Police in Anambra State who are hiding the true position of my son from me.

Thank your Sir in all assurance of my utmost confidence.



Hon. Chris Uche Okoye JP


cc:       1.        National Security Adviser

The Presidency,



2.        The Chairman,

Police Service Commission,

Federal Secretariat Complex

Phase I, Shehu Shagari Way,


3.        The Senate of Federal Republic of Nigeria

Through: Senator Dr. Chris Ngige

Senate Chambers,

Three Arms Zone,



4.        FHR, Thro’ Chief Hon. Charles .C. Odedo

Federal House of Representative Chambers

Three Arms Zone,



5.        Chief Osita Chidoka,

[Ike Obosi],

Corps Marshal,

FRSC. Headquarters,




  1. we all know what is happening at AWKUZU.Since our politicians are not doing anything. it is only popular revolt that can save us from these blood tasty. policemen.Sorry my dear for the loss

  2. I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I am quite certain I will learn plenty of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!.Check

  3. My brother, Chimaobi Okoye is dead but God will definitely judge all the policemen involved in this case. They will never see any peace in their homes and none of their children will get up to 22 years old!!

    Anambra state, keep killing your future hopes and still leave the evil men (your doom) roaming about the streets.

    God will keep shielding His own.


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