Ex-Militant Protest In PH




Some ex-militants have threatened to return to the creeks if the memorandum of understanding signed between their host communities and some oil companies operating in their communities is not implemented.

The ex-militants under the aegis of the Ijaw Youth Council staged a protest at the premises of Trans Ocean Oil Services and Lonestar in Rumukrushi, Port Harcourt demanding for the reinstatement and employment of their members with the companies.

The protesting ex-militants also accused the companies of marginalization in the companies’ employment process, adding that the companies that drill and operates in their companies employs only the Northerners, South-East and South-Westerners.

The IYC worldwide National Director of Mobilization, Strategy and Planning, Bristol Emmanuel Alagbariya said the manner in which the youths were sacked from these companies is illegal according to the Labour law, adding that it is capable of sending the youths into the creeks to fight.

“The Labour law states that if a company fails to its obligation, the principal takes over liability because it is the principle that prepares the guideline and rules the contracting company operates in. Trans Ocean refuses till today. We are here in a peaceful protest calling on this to pay the workers. As if that was not enough, the companies went further to sack these youths. The way they were sacked, so mysterious: they came to work and were prevented to enter the companies’ premises and were finally told that they have been sacked. They were not formally written to before the sack. Before now the Niger Delta youths don’t know how to press their agitations at the gates, they do it in the creeks. But after the amnesty and the training given to them, they take their agitations peacefully to the gates. If these companies refuse to adhere to our request, we will allow these youths to take laws into their hands by expressing their agitations in the way they feel deem. I know the Niger delta youths have the capacity to bring these companies to submission. They should not push these youths to that extent,” he said.

However, a source within the Ijaw clan told this 247ureports.com that the reason why Diepreye Alamesiegha was granted a state pardon was because it is only Alams that the Ijaw boys listen to; and owing to the rising up of these militants and their ranting such as that of the likes of Dokubo, and others, the Jonathan’s government has no option other than to grant him this as carrot being dangled to him.



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