ACN Cautions Okupe against Blaming Opposition Unnecessarily



From Sanusi Muhammad, Abuja

National Publicity Secretary of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Alhaji Lai Muhammed, has in a press statement made available to journalists, described President Goodluck Jonathan as incompetent, inconsistent and clueless contrary to several attempts by Doyin Okupe to confuse Nigerians on semantics of incompetence.

According to Lai, it is equally wrong for Okupe to blame opposition for the several failures of the Jonathan administration to addressing national issues saying that, “It is the likes of Okupe rather than opposition that are seriously contributing to the administration’s incompetence.

There is no point rummaging through the dictionary to define incompetence as Okupe did in his recent rambling statement. All one needs to do to understand the meaning of incompetence is to look at the waffling Jonathan administration to get a clear answer”.

The ACN spokesman added that touting Jonathan’s impressive academic qualifications is also very cheap as they have not proven to be an asset in the way and manner the president steers the affairs of his administration, stressing that, “In any case, while a Doctorate Degree in any field is something to be celebrated, it is not a pre-requisiteto being a good leader”.

“The incompetence of Jonathan administration has resulted in the country being bogged down by monumental corruption, unprecedented level of insecurity, policy flip-flops and complete absence of reliable governance and downright lies that have estranged the citizens and erased their trust in government. In our recent history as a nation, no administration has been more of a hotbed of corruption and abuse of office than the Jonathan administration. Whether it is the fuel subsidy scam or the police pension scam, under the Jonathan administration, the more public funds you steal, the lesser the punishment you get”.

Profligacy has also been the order of the day. If the administration is not building N2.2billion banquet hall, it is expending N4billion on the office building of African First Ladies Peace Mission which has no value to majority of Nigerians. The funds being wasted on these white elephant projects would have been better expended on jobs creation for the unemployed and provision of basic necessities to Nigerians. The youths are left to roam the streets in search of legitimate sources to make ends meet while their resources are mismanaged with impunity and channeled to valueless projects”, Lai said.

On the award of several road contracts by the Jonathan administration, ACN said the joke is on Okupe who, in saner climes cannot be speaking for any responsible government that is worth its salt.

“There is nothing new about awarding contracts for roads rehabilitation. What the gullible public expects from Okupe is to state how many of the roads were completed or nearing completion. The contracts for most of the roads which Okupe listed in his deceiving statement were awarded severally by previous PDP administrations with nothing tangible to show. Even Okupe himself, collected huge sums of money for road contracts that he later abandoned! How can a character like Okupe speak for any responsible government when he should be facing prosecution? Little wonder, Nigerians have lost trust in the Jonathan administration”, Lai said



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