Congratulations To the Newly And Authentic Chief Garry Nnachi Enwoigariwey-Led Ohanaeze Leadership


The President-General,
Chief Garry Nnachi Enwo Igariwey
Ohanaeze Ndigbo,
No.7 Park Avenue
Enugu State.



Having fully participated and witnessed the national election of
Ohanaeze Ndigbo, world-wide, held at the National Secretariat, No. 7
park Avenue, GRA, Enugu, on 12 January, 2013, the Kano chapter,
wholeheartedly endorse and congratulate the Chief Garry Nnachi Igariwey
led Ohanaeze leadership.

To us in Kano chapter, we believe that the emergence of the Garry-led
Ohanaeze pronounces and, in fact, reiterated the coveted peace, unity,
and stability in the Igbo race. We are not, however, unconscious of the
activities of some disgruntled elements whose ambition is to put the
Igbo race to shame and in disarray.

For the fact that all the cream de la cream of Ndigbo, at home and in
Diaspora attended the election, which was not only peaceful, but free
and fair, indicates that every discernable Igbo son, both at home and
the Diaspora showed support for the new Ohanaeze leadership.

At the presence of the leaders of thought of Ndigbo, the former
President, Chief Ralph Uwechue, following the Constitution, conventions
and all led-down rules of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, legally moved a motion for
the dissolution of the former leadership, and gave way for the new
leadership to take over the stage—to continue to build on the bricks of
unity already gathering momentum in the Igbo race.

In lieu of this, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Kano chapter, as a responsive and
responsible body was not only surprise, but saddened that an elder
statesman and leader, Elder Martin Elechi, Governor of Ebonyi state,
could allow himself to be used by the fifth columnists to destabilize
the Igbo race.

We, however, wish to use this opportunity to remind Governor Elechi and
his cohorts that Ohanaeze Ndigbo is not a political party and will never
be a toy used by politicians to attract cheap publicity. In the best
interest of Governor Elechi, and his lieutenants and foot soldiers—they
should desist from playing politic s with the Igbo apex socio-cultural

As an organized body, Ohanaeze is for all Igbo sons and daughters. And
the organs, leadership and system should be as such, and its name should
not be dragged to the mud; not at this time when leaders and elders
from our sister regions are working so hard to put heads together for
the betterment of their people.

In view of this, Onanaeze Ndigbo, Kano state chapter charges the new
national leadership to remain focused and disregard distractions in any
form, such as the trouble being formented by Governor Elechi and his

Indeed, these are critical times for the political future of Ndigbo, and
the Ohanaeze leadership should among other things be bothered on how to
rally round Ndigbo for the actualization of the 2015 Igbo presidency,
as well as economic cum political emancipation of our people. As we all
know, Ndigbo for over 48 years, have been glaringly marginalized in
terms politics and the economy in this country. This is the time to
rescue our people from political bondage. We are tired of playing the
second-class citizen and we do submit that the Chief Garry-led
executives take the business of political and economic liberation of
Ndigbo very seriously.

Once again, we congratulate Chief Garry Igariwey and members of his
executive; and advice them to commence reconciliation process that will
bring all the Igbos together to enable us to forge ahead for the good of

Chief Tobias Michael Idika
Ohanaeze Ndigbo
Kano State Chapter



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