Updated: Yakowa, Azazi in a Helicopter Crash in Bayelsa


Information reaching 247ureports.com indicates that a helicopter crash has occurred in the creeks of Bayelsa State. The helicopter is believed to have crash about minutes after 4:30pm today, Saturday December 15, 2012 following a burial event at the Douglas Oronto home in Okoroba, Bayelsa State.

[The bodies of Governor Patrick Yakowa of Kaduna State and immediate past National Security Adviser (NSA), Gen. Andrew  Owoye Azazi (retd.), have been recovered, two hours after they died in a plane crash in the Nembe area of President Goodluck Jonathan’s home  state, Bayelsa, South-South Nigeria]

News reports confirms that the helicopter was conveying the Kaduna State Governor, Yakowa and former National Security Adviser, General Owoeye Azazi from the funeral of the father of the Special Adviser to the President, Douglas Oronto to their hotel room in the Bayelsa metropolis – when it crashed into the creeks. The helicopter busted into flames as it crashed.

Information from the local residents indicated that shortly after the helicopter took off – it appeared to develop what seems like a mechanical problem. The pilot decided to plunge the helicopter into the creek – where it exploded upon impact. The explosion was reported to have caused the nearby community to rush out to the area of the explosion. The explosion was reported to be loud.

At the event before the crash

The occupants of the copter was gathered to comprise of the former National Security Advisor, Azazi, the Governor of Kaduna State, Yakowa – and two operators of the helicopter. All occupants have yet to be identified by the rescue team.

It is uncertain if there were survivors. The local emergency agents are currently engaged in a search and rescue operations.

The aides to the Kaduna State governor – in talking to 247urepports.com indicated that they have knowledge of the crash – and that they have been unable to reach the Governor on the telephone since the newsbreak of the crash. The Chief Press Secretary to the Kaduna State governor, Reuben Buhari has not picked his phone.

The latest crash brings the tally of Governors involved in bloody crashes to two – incidentally both governors are Christians in Muslim dominated states.

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  1. Really sad news. One hopes d gov of Kaduna was unhurt . I just left D kaduna polo club where he was expected to attend d ongoing polo tournament in his state

  2. I believe it was accident. May their gentle soul rest in peace and may God give their families the fortitude to bear the loss. Amen.

    • @musa,u ar jst a fool for dat nonsense coment u made.u muslims ar realy bad n u claim dat ur religion is d most holy while ur minds ar ful of dirt to felow human lik u. Do u no d kind of death dat wil kil u too,idiot may God forgive u for wot u jst wrote. Fuck islam,fuck muslims.

  3. Finaly they have succeeded in killing patrick yakowa who they said shouldn’t be Governor of kaduna state as a christian just as it happens to suntai.No body should think it’s an error,it was premeditated and executed,kudos to Babangida,sultan Abubakar and northern Islamic clerics like patami for their yatsin,every christian leader in the north must watch out because plane crach is their next target.It is done to humiliate Jonathan at his home,but it is an endless seasonal film.

  4. there is notin to jubilate about. It only mean that bbth land air and water are not safe for travel. I weep for my country. May their souls rest in perfect peace. Its time Nigerian leaders begin to search their consciences and work forthe good of the poor. Maybe the God of the poor is fighting for them

  5. @Musa. Just listen to yourself. saying someones soul should rest in hell when you dont even know where you are going. I dont know why the likes of you still exist in this planet. You are simply nothing but a boko haramic imbecile ready to explode. IDIOT.

  6. Yakowa god has give u example true like what happen to suntai but u refuse to follow de right way dis is example to others and i congratulate d deputy governor of kaduna

  7. U̶̲̥̅̊ dis ik U̶̲̥̅̊ Α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ D̶̲̥̅̊ foolest person on earth, anyway I’ll advice U̶̲̥̅̊ †Φ watch Ūя̲̅ moutn if nt 1 day nemesis wȊ̝̊̅ℓℓ
    Catch up wit U̶̲̥̅̊. MOHA

  8. @musa we d christians of kaduna state have already foresaw this wicked act and you know Wat? No Muslim govnor will ever last for that seat we are fully prepared.

  9. Wealther christian or muslim no one desver this kind death. My question muslims pre-mediate Yakowa death what of Azziza own? This is high time we thinking like normal human.

  10. @ Musa , no vaccine for death and no one will escape it , no matter how it occur , dead is dead , God will reward well wishers

    @ dre , thank you bro , nobody knows where he will be after death . Bcos it happen to someone far from me does not distant death from me , some times it is alerting the conscience of well thinking person to remember where we shal all go , it is inevitable . God bless Nigeria and every member of the Nation Nigeria. .

  11. It’s quit painful that our dear Governor pass away through this way,we just have to bear it and pray,may is peaceful soul rest in peace.

  12. Whether a muslim or a christain takes over,Nothing changes………The rich will continue to get richer & poor gets poorer….Religion is just a strategy they always use to get richer while the poor kill themselves…Just 1 God & a lot of confused people..May Peace Rest on their souls….Long live Kaduna State,Long Live Nigeria………….

  13. Have u ever seen where an unbeliever rest In peace dis is just d begining u foolish arnas of kaduna that mock us that we will never rule kaduna shame on u foolish arnas of kaduna. Kaduna sai mai sallah. I congratulate our new governor

    • you fool muhammed ur days are numbered u wont live to see your children children uncircumcised philistine like u, guess wat hell fire awaits your fucking soul hmm i pity yakowa for rebuilding ur mosques thinking he is pleasing fools like you but thank God for taking him home to rest let me see how ur new governor will please a fool like u

  14. may their gentle souls rest in peace,it is a great loss to the entire nation,the death of yakowa is too painful and others may God give their respective famillies heart to bear the irrepairable death might have cause them amen.

  15. We apreciat. Yakowa 4 his sarvis is his time an know body can pas that. And u shoul stop bringin religion into dis. Dats. Not wat we ar spost 2 be don. We are d lleders of 2moro let’s know wat we ar doing

  16. The best thing to do at this point in time is to ask God for the repose of the souls of the departed….we all must die someday. Let’s ask ourselves some questions??? If we continue attacking Muslims and Christians and we die someday, what will our children do to each other???? PEACE WHICH WAS THE MESSAGE OF YAKOWA MUST NOT DIE IN KADUNA. I GREW UP IN THE NORTH BUT AM SO SCARED OF VISITING WHERE I CALL HOME. MAKE THE NORTH HABITABLE ONCE AGAIN.

  17. Azazi was the only one that escaped death among the top military officials that died few years ago in a military plane crash. God have mercy. May his gentle soul rest in peace

  18. The cristians and muslims challenging urselves and insulting each other on this page is rily dishearting. U guys are d type of elements destroying our country. U all sound like illiterates who have never gone to school. Where are u wen muslims marry cristians even during the prophets era. I tink dats d highest peak of love btwn cristians and muslims. Musa, Ike and mohd u r a shame to our country I wish ol of u shuld b punished by law for wat u r writing on this page. All the two of u diserve to be locked up in d prison so dat u don’t infiltrate d rest of nigerians wit ur dirty minds. Huh dis is rily disgusting all ur hearts are wicked undesirable foolish elements. Mtssssw


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