Governor Uduaghan: Hear this on Ubulu-Uku – By Adanma Ifeoma Nwankwor (Mrs.)

Dear Sir,
It is disappointing and embarassing indeed that the good work of the Delta State Government under Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, is being thwarted by some disgruntled elements in Ubulu-Uku in order to make quick money to disorganize the town and pursue incessantly the kingship tussle.
Recently, when I went to carry my daughter from Abuedo Primary School, Ubulu-Uku, I personally noticed that not up to five minutes the pupils and teachers left the school, the ceilings and zincs of a classroom block just recently renovated collapsed. This would have been a disaster if they were in the classroom. God really helped us.
The said school was among those recently renovated by the Delta State government, with the painting of the entire school, we thought a good work was done. Surprisingly, the reverse was the case. This, everybody will agree was to thwart the efforts of the state government. The state government should urgently check all the on-going renovation works not only in Ubulu-Uku but other towns especially schools so that there will be value for money.
What baffled me most was that during my investigation, I discovered that a native of the town was awarded the contract for the renovation works on Abuedo Primary School, Ubulu-Uku in Aniocha South Local Government Area of Delta State. As a result, I want to appeal to the governor to investigate this and send the ‘powerful’ contractor cum politician back to site. This is too appalling! We understand that the contractor from Ubulu-Uku who did the shoddy work for his people, and claimed to be a ‘big’ politician, boasted that nothing can happen. Something need to happen because a stitch in time saves nine. Again, it is poor tax payers money.
May God grant us the illumination to see the limelight of Delta State elevation, and endow us with the untaunted courage, indomitable will and the unshakable faith to follow it without flinching.
Long live Delta State, long live Gov. Uduaghan, long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Adanma Ifeoma Nwankwor (Mrs.),
Retired teacher, Ubulu-Uku.


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