Uduaghan to Set up Committee to Manage 500 Million Flood Grant


Delta state government is to set up a committee comprising credible Deltans to manage the 500 million naira flood disaster fund grand it by the Federal government.

The state governor Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan who announced this at a meeting with political appointees and House of Assembly members in Asaba said the committee when functional would decide how to utilize the fund to resettle flood victims in the state.

He said he was already scouting for men of integrity in the state and would appoint them in no distant time.

The governor who promised that he would not interfere in the management of the fund said his major concern was how to resettle the flood victims.

His words “I will not meddle in the committees work. I will not disburse this money and definitely will not be part of what they shall do. Whatever decision they take on how to disburse the fund shall be well with me. Let members of the committee decide what to do with the money”.

Dr Uduaghan called on Deltans to remain calm, peaceful and be united more than ever before in the face of the current flood challenges.

He enjoined them not to create tension even as he cautioned against unnecessary agitation, bricks bat and quarrel.

The governor who reminded Deltans that the state was currently going through trying times put it this way “these are trying times and this is not the time to quarrel and create tension. We should be our brother’s keeper. People are going through trauma and need to be comforted”.

In answer to a question the governor enjoined Deltans not to politicize the flood issue and promised to give even attention to all parts of the state affected by flood.

According to him there were periods for politics explaining that the flood issue was not a political matter and should not be an instrument of politics.

His words “I have short term plan, middle and long term plans for the flood issue and we are very serious and not playing politics. When politics come we play it but not with flood issue where our people are suffering”.

The governor directed the flood control management committee not to allow more than 800 flood victims in one camp.

Dr Uduaghan therefore directed the committee to decongest any camp accommodating more than 800 victims to ensure good space and comfort.

He stressed the importance of sanitation in the camps especially the evacuation of waste to check the outbreak of epidemic.

Cautioning that no pregnant woman should be allowed to deliver in the camps he said “Any pregnant woman nearing labour should be moved to the hospital. Indeed no pregnant woman should be allowed to deliver in any camp”.

The chairman of the state committee on the management of flood disaster and Deputy Governor of the state Prof Amos Utuamah (SAN) in his briefing said more than twelve local governments areas have been submerged by flood in the state.

Prof Utuamah said the flood disaster was increasing in tempo



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