Regan Ufomba was Special Assistant on Integrated Rural Development to former Governor Orji Uzor Kalu. Part of his brief was to strategically develop a workable formula that would checkmate rural – urban drift, which at the time depleted human resources necessary for the development of rural communities. He was the Government’s Chief Advisor on issues bothering on the improvement of farming, the preoccupation of most rural communities in Abia.

He denied ever being in charge of fertilizer distribution to rural farmers. When the Special Assistant on Rural Integration denies being in charge of distribution of agricultural inputs, he would need to tell us who was. He seems to be good with dates and records. Let him also tell us if he is familiar with the document on this wall.

Reagan, “Mr. Value Chain” would do well to tell us on this thread what Value Chain policies he was able to cause the government to impact on rural dwellers. He should also tell us as the Special Assistant on Rural Integration which Governor’s Assistant at the time was in charge of agricultural inputs, especially fertilizer in rural communities. I want to give him another opportunity to lie.

The letter attached to this piece specifies in simple terms that REAGAN UFOMBA was actually assigned an official vehicle which he criminally told the government was involved in a ghastly motor accident. There is no record anywhere that he returned the vehicle. Let him proof that to us. Reagan as a Harvard ( I wonder) trained graduate should please show us evidence that he actually returned that vehicle after resigning on grounds of principle (how ridiculous). I am also sure he has no short sense of history and knows the difference between resigning and being asked to exit. May be, just may be; he would publish on this wall further evidence to proof he resigned voluntarily.

I would not have gone this far if Reagan did not start ascribing to himself the status of a superstar. He has made so much noise about being principled and being grounded on the rudiments of VALUE CHAIN. He would need to reconcile for us the relationship between his existing criminal records, abysmal performance as a political office holder and his new song of being the Messiah.

Just what is there to value about Reagan Ufomba. Somebody should please tell me. I will give up my ambition of becoming Governor if Reagan Ufomba can convincingly refute any of the points above.