Nigerien Sycophant Drums Support for FCT Minister


A professional sycophant and stark illiterate who hails, from neighboring Niger republic and now a traditional title holder of Bauchi emirate after intensive lobbying, scheming and bootlicking, and was once the Bauchi state publicity secretary of All Peoples party (APP) and the proprietor of a Bauchi based printing and publishing company now relocated to Abuja for crumbs, has started his usual game of overheating the polity for business as usual.

An investigation reveals that the professional sycophant popularly known as Maibabban kai, has over the time been overheating the polity to curry favor from the FCT Minister in his effort to corner lucrative contracts and plots of land in the FCT.

Part of his game plan is the sponsorship of radio discussion programmes on the local radio as well as using the pages of newspaper to place advertisements in support of the embattled minister whose failure to deliver service is glaringly clear.

Apart from his educational deficiency and unruly behavior, the stark illiterate and his co-travelers had established an NGO misusing the name of the north purportedly to showcase the few achievements recorded by the minister with them as the main beneficiaries of the claimed achievements.

Tanko Abdullahi, who hails from Gwantu in Kaduna state and residing at Nyanya, a suburb of FCT said, “The Good Governance tour initiated by the minister of information, Labarun Maku is only a Media jamboree meant to deceive the president and the people against inept governance. Senator Bala Muhammed remains the worst FCT Minister ever in the history of the territory but given a national honor for disgracing the administration he serves”.

Timothy Danladi who comes from Loko in Nasarawa state and working as a security guard in Garki Area 11, and was of the opinion that, “The FCT Minister is not performing as a public servant but the president is still retaining him in the cabinet perhaps for a selfish purpose. The beauty of Abuja is fast going while insecurity is becoming alarming. Let the man be pushed aside to save the FCT from further decay”.

Despite several promises for better service delivery by president Goodluck, critics posit that the opposite is the case in the present administration.

Nuraini Olawole of Save Nigeria Group (SNG) said, “We are watching events as they unfold themselves in the present administration. The president has already lost touch with the reality on the ground. He has lost grip of his administration and has allowed corrupt practices to consume service delivery. It is a sad situation”.

As more facts are revealed, the likes of Maibabban kai are there dishing out tissues of lies on the pages of newspapers for deceitful purpose and to confuse the president the more to retain their god father.



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