Mosque Attack: Police Confirms Death Toll at 24

The Murdered being buried according to Muslim Rite

The police commissioner stationed in Kaduna State has confirmed the death toll resulting from the attack on a Mosque in Kaduna State at 24.

Police Commissioner, Adenaike in a press briefing on the evening of October 14, 2012 told pressmen that the death toll – which was originally pegged at 20 had risen to 24. He stated that four additional died at the nearby teaching hospital. He confirmed also that there exist other gun-shot victims at the teaching hospital who are currently receiving treatment.

Kaduna Police Commissioner, Adenaike addressing the press yesterday

It was understood that the group of gunmen who attacked the Mosque numbered about 10, acccording to the police chief. The group of gunmen were said to have been staged in the bushes nearby the Mosque days before the attack – when the vigilante men of Dogondawa community pounced on them – arresting four of them. The arrest occurred on Friday.

In what appears a reprisal attack on the early hours of Sunday morning, the group of gunmen attacked the Mosque with automatic riffles killing 24 worshippers. It was also gathered that the gunmen managed to free two [2] of their comrades. The other two [2] were said to have died in the gunfire.



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