Labour Workers In Port Harcourt Protest Against Poor Welfare

Laborers protesting in PH

– From Precious Werner Ahiakwo, Port Hacourt, Rivers State

Workers at the Commercial Industrial Company CIC operated by some group of Lebanese have stormed the Amadi Ama Federal Housing Authority in Port Harcourt, road that led to the company to protest the poor condition of workers in that company.

Hundreds of workers who carried placards with inscription “we work like elephant and eat like ants” and “Amos is a tyrant” where also chanting “Amos must go”.

Spokes Person of the protesting laborers, Kennedy Nwokuku who spoke to our correspondent Precious Werner Ahiakwo described the CIC Company’s Head of Labour simply called “Amos”, as a dictator.” ‘’He enslaves us, he is a cheat, he is demonic and a tyrant. There’s not good about this man, how can someone sit as the head of labour in a company and divert to his selfish self-money meant for over seventy laborers?” he laments.

Nwokuku also said that the management of the company was mum over the situation because of the said Amos’ strong influence on them: “the management is aware of this situation but they are not taking it serious. I tell you that this Amos guy is having something too strong that he uses in controlling the company”, he said. He called on him to quit working in the company and pay the workers all money due to them.

As at the time of filing this report, the said Amos has been picked to the Amadi Ama Police division by the O.C Human right, to answer question leveled against him by the protesting workers.



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