Gov. Danbaba Suntai is not Dead – Taraba Chief Press Secretary

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Danbaba Suntai


Information available to indicates that the Governor of Taraba State may not be dead as reported earlier. According to the Chief Press Secretary [CPS] to the Taraba State Governor, Hassan Mijinyawa, “the governor is still alive but injured“.

The CPS made the statement to – as he added that the State Government of Taraba are presently mobilizing to heas to the crash site and to the Adamawa General Hospital to ascertain the the level damage caused. “We are just trying to get to Yola” he said. [9:10pm]

The road from Taraba to Yola is said to take three hours – owing to the bad roads.

The State Security Services [SSS] has also released a statement saying that the Governor remains alive. The federal ministry of aviation released a statement saying nobody died in the plane crash at Yola International Airport, Thursday. “An aircraft, Cessna 208 with people on board including crew, operated by the Taraba State Governor Danbaba Suntain crashed near Yola but no life has been reported lost“.


Crashed Plane


Stay tuned.


  1. Thank’s God 4 our Governor Life. We stil Love and Need Danbaba in Taraba State 4 Progress. Thank’s u Lord once again.

  2. My Gov., the God of miracle that you serve diligently, has done yours the first of it’s kind the world over. To Him be the glory!
    We are waiting for your triumphant entry to Jalingo. Halleluyah!


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